3 "e"s

Friday, 15 February 2013

I've something funny to share with you girls today hahahahaha!

I received an email from a dude named Michael Green informing me that he's been receiving emails from my readers asking him tons of fashion/beauty/travel related questions he has no answers to, for quite a while now. 


To be honest, some of my family/friends made the same mistake of sending me emails to msgreen@gmail but I've always thought the address belongs to a female 
or it was an unattended email account because I've never received any forwarded emails to my account 
(funny why I think he would know my email address),
neither did he forward it back to the sender to inform - NOT AGAIN. WRONG EMAIL ADDRESS!!!!

THAT'S WHY I never received emails when some of you told me you sent it to the intended address.

SO to stop my readers from erm, bothering Michael Green any further, my email
actually has 3 "e"s while Michael's has 2 "e"s.

Don't make the same mistake again okay? ;)

(Or should I change my email address?)

(Maybe you girls should just copy and paste.)


  1. Hi Jessica,
    May I know where did you get the latest white dress you wore & took photo on instagram? The one with lots of crosses in the middle and you caption it as "favourite dress at the moment". Sorry, I'm finding for such dresses for my sister's wedding, hope you can help me with it! :) TIA

  2. That's true! I would have thought it would belong to a female as well. It would be interesting to find out why you came up with your current email though (: always thought it was unique haha