Let's go underwater!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Just got back from a run and the air smells soooo sweet tonight after the crazy thunderstorm we had in the afternoon. I really need to exercise more often, can feel age catching up and all the flab jiggling on my body urgh :/

Anyway, I got distracted for 2 hours 'cause Rebecca Bloomwood (Confessions of a Shopaholic) was on TV! It's my FAVOURITE series of chick lit books! I'm sure she speaks for many of us, and we all experience a Rebecca Bloomwood moment once in a while hehehe.

Back to reality and now, I've a blog entry to finish, nails to paint and a morning flight tomorrow. SO FEELING THE MONDAY BLUES with 3/4 of the population now.

Though I bet 3/4 (or more) of that 3/4 are probably in deep slumber now.

Let's start off with my outfit of the day!!

Dress: From overseas
Bag: Vintage Chanel
Shoes: Primark
Watch: Massimo Dutti
Ring: Tiffany & Co.

H and I didn't have anything planned beside going for brunch that day and so... 
We ended up at the newly opened Aquarium!
I have been procrastinating on paying the fishes a visit due to...laziness.
But that weekend, 
I didn't feel like squeezing with the crowd in town 
or doing anything and the ever forceful (hahaha) H drove us there.

If you EVER plan on visiting the Aquarium anytime soon, 
please do buy your tickets online and collect it at the empty counter when you're there.
Since the trip was impromptu for us, 
we joined the extremely longggggg queue under the sun, 
and when I tried to buy tickets online, the website failed.
Yeah, thanks.

We were SO GLAD to finally be in, and thank god for air-conditioning.

Yes, I was already fascinated 30 seconds after entering

Love the colours on the big starfish.
Oh yes, you can also touch a starfish in the Aquarium!
Pretty cool but it just felt like...a rock to me.

Today you learn a new fact

Oh crab, not very photogenic, are you?

Okay, you see that pinkish lump there in the corner?
That's a very disgusting octopus.
Everytime I see this picture, I don't think I can ever eat an octopus again.
It looks so soft and nua and just plain eeewww.
It doesn't look the least bit chewy so why is it so chewy when cooked?
I've never liked eating its tentacles anyway.

Anyway, there's my favourite exhibition!

I actually took a video of the jellyfishes swimming and I can just watch it the whole day.
So graceful!

We reached the biggest exhibition and I think the highlight was this stingray (?) 
escorting a school of fishes swimming round and round the tank.


Overall, it was a very colourful experience for us!
I like the mysteries of the underwater but due to a near drowning experience over 10 years ago, 
I'm cautious about being in open water now.
Plus, I'm also afraid of fishes nibbling/touching me and eh, getting a tan 
so you won't see me near the sea/ocean very often haha!

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