An unexpected gift from a... Stranger.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

It is definitely not uncommon for girls in my line of work to be asked out for dinners/dates 
or given name cards, gifts or handwritten notes by our passengers.
I have had my fair share of such occurrences but I usually brush them off after this one incident 
where the passenger asked BOTH my colleague and I working on the same aisle out.

It was only a short five hour flight.
And he tried his luck on two persons.

I mean like, if you're up to no good, don't make it so obvious?
We do share stories among ourselves in the galley, you know?

I threw away his number with disgust at the end of the flight.

Anyway, back to the point of this entry.
The other day, 
I received an unexpected gift from a passenger.

It was contained in The orange box.

My first orange box.

(Does Santa Claus give Hermes to the well-behaved kids on Christmas too?)

He borrowed a pen from me,
and returned my pen together with a slip of note and this box.

Gave me the shock of my life when he presented it to me.
I've always wanted a CDC cuff 
but this is waaaay toooooo generous as a, you know, first meeting gift.
For him to even express any interest was already a surprise as he appeared aloof during boarding 
and I was a little taken aback when he actually started making small talks with me.

I declined profusely and even went back again trying to return the gift 
because I knew I was never going to call him and I felt uncomfortable receiving something 
so expensive that I didn't earn with my capability in any way.

I shared with my colleague about this awkwardness and she told me,
"Accept it graciously, and pass it on."

Pass on the kind deed, she meant.

Treat your friend to a meal, 
buy packet tissues from the old uncle, 
help a stranger in need, etc.

What she shared lighted a bulb in my head and so...

The CDC cuff is in size L, and it is too big for me.
If I can't get it exchanged in Paris, I will be selling it.
The proceeds will go to a charity of my choice.

Passing it on, yeah? :)
If you're interested, leave a comment or drop me an email at!
All comments are screened.

ANYWAYYYYY, I've since named this as "The Audi Moment" between H and I.
The moment where I chose love over bread.
Whenever H annoyed me after this incident, I asked him,

Works pretty damn well! ;)

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