Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Last week, I was called up for a flight to London and I was soooo happy to see Daphnes' name on the crew list! *does a little jig* I texted her right away only to find out she was also called up!! WHAT ARE THE ODDS! *dances violently*

Itinerary for the 1.5 days was easy to decide as we both like (almost) the same kinda food and fashion and we visit the same places even if we are alone!

Dinner on the first evening was at Jamie's Italian! Jamie Oliver is opening a branch in Singapore by August and I can foresee another long queue for this. My virgin visit to the restaurant in London wasn't fantastic, save for the Tutti Frutti Lemon Meringue Pie which was excellent. Soooo I decided to give it another try that evening since Daphnes mentioned she visits it on every trip to London so it shouldn't be thattttt bad, right?

Thankfully we got there a little earlier before the dinner crowd!

It's weird how I ALWAYS crave for Coke when I'm overseas 
but I never, ever order it whenever I'm in Singapore.

Posh Chips
I couldn't taste truffle :(
It was still yummy because I love potatoes.

Grilled Pork Chop
This was pretty decent but we had to send it back to the kitchen 
to cook for a little while more because we like our meat 100% cooked.

Land and Sea Risotto
Not bad, very generous with the ingredients!
I might actually order this again!

And of course, we ended with the Tutti Frutti Lemon Meringue Pie ;)
It's so nice to have a dining companion so we can order more selection and share 
AND still have space for dessert!

Oh yes, we also ordered the "Seasonal Greens" which was "broccoli" as told by the waitress.
And when it arrived, it was kai lan. 
A few strings of it for 4pound.
Most expensive kai lan, ever.

Then we went shopping!


The next day, we went to The Muffin Man for brunch!
It was almost 12noon when we arrived and since we were going to have an early dinner, 
we decided to order a little to share.

Scrambled egg + ham on English muffin

Scones with strawberry jam + clotted cream

Both were so yummy.
Sigh, my tummy is blessed :)

A little shopping at Primark doesn't hurt ;)

And yes, this is how we usually try our clothes.
In the men's section.
Because it's almost impossible to find an unoccupied mirror at the ladies'.

Dinner was at Burger & Lobster!
Our first time there and we ordered the grilled and steamed lobster to share!
A full lobster for only 20pound, we were stuffed and belly happy at the end of the meal! :)

Went at odd hours (think 5pm) again to beat the dinner crowd!


Such a great trip and such yummy food sooooo happyyyyyy!

My best buy from Primark!
Love the floral prints, so huggable, and perfect for H's car haha.

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