TippyJess' Update!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Is it TippyJess' or TippyJess's?
Anyhow, some updates for you girls!
We'll be launching our biggest collection yet with 12 items!! :)

First up, everyone's favourite - this B/W Mesh Top 
which sooooo many of you have been asking where I got it from! 
Soooo I've decided to bring it in to share the joy :)

Who can resist this Floral Overlay Dress!!
The details are soooo pretty!

We also have it in pure white if you think lilac's too sweet for you.

This is the season for stripes and we have it in pencil cut suitable for work 
or a striped skater skirt for fun!
Comes in sizes S and M for both.

I'm obsessed with this pair of pants/jeggings and necklace!!

Jeggings' extremelyyyyyyy stretchy and so comfy!
Comes in sizes S and M!

Next up, this entire outfit is for sale!

I haven't worn the Geometric Printed Pants out yet but I'm loving the flattering cut :)
Good news - we also have this pair of pants in sizes S and M!

Our basic top - Pocket Tee comes in white and tiffany green!
Just throw on a basic tee for those lazy days and accessorise like mad.

How do you like our loud Bejewelled Skirt?
Hehehe you'll definitely get lots of approving looks as you walk down the street!

Fake collars are so yesterday.
Match your tops and dresses with our Collared Teardrop Necklace!

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<3 <3 <3

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