Thursday, 18 April 2013

(H commanded me to)

H and my anniversary was on the 1st of April and I actually wanted to write about that first but since The Proposal happened, that's more exciting so I'll blog about it first haha!

I cannot believe I was kept in the dark for so long by my closest friends and H. To be honest, I actually hate surprises and being the last to know.  :(

So I told H no more surprises and he said no.  >:(

ANYWAY, even though it was a surprise, I think god still wanted me to look good! My hair was PERFECT that day. I've never blown it soooo neat before and I was in awe of my voluminous hair. Plus H was smart, he asked my girlfriends to bring me to a nice restaurant so I'll definitely wear a new pretty dress for the occasion hahaha! I told him I'll kill him if I ever look ugly during the proposal. AND on that day, I actually wore this pair of dangling Chanel earrings H got me for Xmas 2010 (his first gift from Chanel for me!). I haven't worn it in AGES, almost forgotten about it and somehow, I decided to wear it that day because I thought it'll look good with my white dress, and it did! Quite amazing how The One Above was trying to convey a message to me and wanted me to look my best ya? ;)

So here was the plan...

Jasmine texted the the girls and me a few weeks before the 5th April suggesting dinner at Hide Yamamoto located at MBS 'cause her boyfriend has $500 MBS dining vouchers expiring soon. Her boyfriend is some VIP at MBS and he always has these kinda free meals and stays in the hotel so of course I believed her. After dinner, we would go to the hotel room as usual and sit around. Nothing wrong with the plan and it was very normal so I didn't find anything amiss at all, not through dinner and not even when she opened the door and revealed this:

(H and friends waited for so long, some of the helium balloons were no longer floating so they actually had to tape it to the ceiling hahahaha and in the proposal video, Debra tried pulling a balloon which was taped HAHAHA SUPER FUNNY!!)

I even asked Jasmine, "Huh. You mean Colin did this for you?". When she answered "No." and asked me to walk ahead first, I REMAINED NAIVE AND GULLIBLE till I saw one of H's friend sprinting across the room to the curtains (his duty) before it finally dawned on me...............................

Because I kept telling H he'll never be able to have a surprise proposal for me which made him even more adamant about proving me wrong.

Yup, we have a very competitive relationship hahahahaha.

(Screenshots from the video)

It was kinda weird because I didn't expect it and there was H, kneeling in front of me asking for my hand in marriage and he was so serious and nervous and I just felt like laughing (hahahaha don't judge) because he's rarely like that with me and we are always talking rubbish. The moment right after he popped the important question... "Will you marry me?"


I'm really sorry for being so anti-climax but I couldn't help it!!!!

There wasn't anything funny about what he said or his sincerity, I just didn't know how to handle myself.

After laughing, there was an awkward silence of me staring at the ring, H staring at me, everyone in the room waiting for my answer and H whispered a little too loudly,

"It's one carat leh."
"Really meh. Are you sure? It doesn't look like it's one carat."
"It's one carat, I show you the cert later."


In the end, I said,

"Yes la, yes la."

Not very romantic, I know.
But I don't usually have huge reactions nor am I overly emotional, and I'm a very calm person.

Our mini photoshoot hahaha

A view of the Suite H booked after everyone left.

My super huge and heavy bouquet of roses!
Everyone went, "Whoa 100 roses ah!" and I was like, "No la, 99 roses."
And I was right!
I do know my boyfriend very well ;) Haha.

Okay now, let me show off my ring a little.

Soooooo prettyyyyyyyy!
H got me exactly what I wanted - simple, classic, and at least one carat hahaha :')
But let's not talk about the price. 
Even I feel superrrrr heart pain. 
But he said I'm worth it. :''''')

To be honest, it wasn't a touching proposal but it was definitely heartwarming 
to see how H (and our friends) put in so much effort for just a few minutes. 
While my girls and I were feasting (which btw, H paid for, there was no vouchers), 
H and his friends + Bibi (my best friend in SQ. 
She left too quickly and we didn't manage to take a picture!) 
came over right after work without dinner to prepare everything :') 
Definitely keepers for life, these people.

(Bianca and H's friends during the preparation. Haha they took a lot of videos before The Proposal talking about the plan, each one's duty and H rehearsing hahaha!)

And so now,
I'm engaged to the sweetest man alive :))))))))))
I cannot wait for our lives together to begin,
and I'm sooooo happy we'll be spending forever as one.

Thank you for feeling happy for us, everyone!

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