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Saturday, 13 April 2013

I'm gonna be sharing on a new skincare product I've recently started using!
LUSH's "Angels on Bare Skin" facial cleanser.

(pictures credit to http://lush.co.uk)

Prior to purchasing this, 
I've always thought that LUSH only sells soap and shower scrub, 
and nothing related to the face. 
But no! 
They actually have a range of facial and makeup products! 

My friend recommended the facial cleanser so I went in, 
looked around and decided to get the "Angels on Bare Skin" facial wash 
for normal/combination skin.

I was completely SOLD after trying it on my hand!

Basically, you just pinch a little of the cleanser, 
mix it with water to form a paste then massage it over your face.
When the sales assistant washed the paste off my hand,
my hand miraculously felt softer, smoother and appeared fairer!
H was with me and even he agreed with the difference!
Any product that makes my skin fairer definitely gets my cash hahaha.

The cleanser contains lavender and camomile oil, 
both which I love so the smell wasn't a problem for me.
I love love LOVE this product.
I use it at night in the shower after removing my makeup 
because it can get quite messy and it also acts as a mild scrub 
so it thoroughly cleans all the impurities from my skin.

BUT it kinda leaves a "film" on the surface after wash 
so if you like your face squeaky clean,
you might not be used to it initially.

I definitely feel the difference after using this and I might use it for a long time to come ;)


FASHMOB and I have been working together for quite sometime,
 and this week, I received 2 pretty pieces from them!

First up,
there's the English Pussybow Blouse from their Bridge Label!

 I've always liked pussybow tops and this one from FASHMOB has a great cut,
fully lined and not sheer at all!

Next up, also from their Bridge Label,
there's the Tuxedo Drape Blazer!

The light polyester material used for the blazer is perfect for our climate,
and I like how it flows nonchalantly while I walk!

Shop away with FASHMOB this weekend! :)

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