Tuesday, 14 May 2013

If you've been following me on Twitter (@tippytippytapp) and Instagram (@tippytapp), you would already know that I am now LEGAL TO DRIVE ON THE ROADS YAYYYYYYY!

Thank you all for congratulating me and sharing my joy! 
Indeed, this has been a fantabulous year for me thus far and I'm so blessed!!! :))))))

I've driven a couple of times in H's car and to be honest, 
I don't really like driving that much.

H is the typical annoying male driver who goes, 
so you can imagine how it's like whenever I'm in the driver's seat.
But I'm not confident enough to drive alone yet so... 
I still need him as a passenger no matter what SIGHHHHH. 

I drove us home on the day after I passed. See what I mean? pffft

This was my second try. 
During my first test, I was sooooooo nervous 
and the tester wasn't exactly your friendly neighbor.
(Or maybe he is when he's not on the job.)
Less than a minute after we got in the car, 
I mounted a kerb

Both of us weren't in the mood anymore after that. 

I would have appreciated it MORE if he had just said, 
"End of test, let's go back.", 
instead of continuing with the drive 
because he was soooooo grumpy and impatient, 
which made me feel even worse. 
I made so many mistakes and I felt like he was picking on me. 

Oh well.

But the second time was soooo much better! 
I was more calm and composed, 
and I KNEW my confidence was going to get me a PASS hehehe.
And I was right! 

I didn't even wear a short skirt or anything revealing to pass my driving!

H isn't too happy about the triangle plates on his car hahaha.

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