Anniversary at JAAN!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

I must say, almost every single dish we had at Jaan was aaaaammmazingggg!
Be it the taste, the presentation or the variety.
Our tastebuds were on a treat!
Even the view from the 70th level was spectacular!

The service was very personalised and immaculate, 
something that's pretty rare in Singapore. 
Unless you're paying a premium, which in this case, I guess we were.

H and I were over at Jaan 1.5 month ago for our anniversary dinner. 
We didn't even celebrate the previous two years... 
I don't why the sudden urge to this year. Haha. 
OH because we finally decided that our anniversary is on the 1st of April 
hahahaha yeah, April's Fool. 
Or maybe because H felt alotttttt of love for me days before The Proposal 
so he decided to bring me for a nice dinner :)

Anyhow, we enjoyed the dinner thoroughly 
though sparkling water was a total ripoff at $20/bottle. 
But I guess that's expected. 
Just like how there's airport prices ($5 for a 500ml bottle of water) 
and high-end restaurants prices (in this case, $20/bottle).

First up, we were served amuse bouche complimentary from the chef 
when we were still deciding on which set menu to order. 
I'm a sucker for pretty food and nice presentation. 
So photogenic! 

Everything was good except the jar in the middle which contained hummus cooked Indian style. 
H hated it hahaha. 
I thought it was okay but I'm not a fan of it.

Our first dish - Obsiblue Prawn & Avocado Canneloni. 
I was so happy to see caviar and ikura. 
My favourite eggs of all time!

One of Jaan's famed dishes - 55º Rosemary Smoked Organic Egg.
I saw the other tables having this and I remember telling H this must be damn good.
I enjoyed this SO MUCH.

Don't be fooled by this small little simple looking truffle brioche... 
I had to ask for second serving.

I like scallops and I love ordering scallops but the dishes were never memorable.
Neither was this Norwegian Hand Dived Scallop.
I like the scallop but the broth was a little too sour.

Very interesting fusion concept.
Grilled 'Landes' Foie Gras in Spring Broth.

Because we made the reservation too late, we weren't able to get a window seat :(

I still remember the taste of this dish!
Confit Atlantic Turbot 'Tournedos'
I actually really like the grilled leeks and corn haha we wiped the plate clean!

And finally, our main.

I was reallyyyyy excited about our main course because I like pigeons!
Cooked pigeon, that is.
As you can see from the pictures, this was kinda red, 
a little rare and being a typical Asian, I love my food cooked (except sashimi). 
So this was a total disappointment :(
The server even checked with us beforehand how we would like it to be cooked.
He suggested "Medium, with a little blood", 
and I told him I wanted it fully cooked.
Oh well.
I didn't like the black truffle barley either.

But that's alright, dessert(s) more than made up for it!
Pre-dessert sorbet

Choconuts 4th
Dessert! Everything chocolate!
Reminded me of my dessert at Joel Robuchon's (Tokyo) 
but I think this tastes better and there's more texture.

Yes, I'm aware you can't see the dessert.

Okay, this came after dessert and I don't know what's this called.
Probably complimentary of the chef to go with coffee/tea.
From left to right: lollipop ice-cream coated with chocolate, 
sorbet on a stick with those "jumping" sweets, nuts coated with chocolate, 
and can't-remember-flavour marshmallow.

Overall, I would say dinner was good.
But if I were to compare, I still prefer Joel Robuchon's :)

The other restaurant on the same level had an even better view!

Selling it at $25 mailed. 
Email me if you're interested!

So much love for my man!

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