A stroll in Paris

Friday, 21 June 2013

I was in Paris a couple of weeks ago and since I had nothing to buy nor did I want to tempt myself at the shops, I decided to go for a walk instead!

Before you start scrolling through the pictures, please play the below video for a better reading experience. La Vie En Rose is my all-time favouriteeeeee song and musicians were playing it on every other street while I was in Paris. A very poignant song and I think of Paris whenever I hear this song :')

Pretty good pastries they have here!

5 years later, I'm back here again.

Pont de L'Archeveche

I finally made it to Shakespeare and Co!
Probably one of the oldest bookstores in the world.

Packed with tourists and books from floor to ceiling and every space imaginable.

This guy was so good with the piano and he played so many songs close to my heart :')
My only regret in life is probably not knowing how to play a musical instrument.
I used to learn piano when I was at single digit age 
but I gave it up because I hated it then and found it a chore :(
How I wish my parents were more forceful.

When I left the bookstore, there was a queue forming outside.
Guess it got too crowded for comfort

I'm going to miss this city...

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