Juan's Proposal!

Friday, 14 June 2013

One of my Uni course mates got engaged last month! I was bursting with excitement when I read the text one of my friends sent after I touched down from flight. I LOVE surprising people! It's something so happy, exciting and precious :) We were all really, really happy for Juan 'cause we knew it's something she wants soooo much hahaha!

The Plan:
Alex (The boyfriend) "booked" a movie at 5.30pm and he will meet Juan under her block at 5pm. Of course he wouldn't be there... A Volkswagon Kombi will pick Juan up and send her to NYP, where they schooled and met, and where we would all be. The Kombi was decorated with fairy lights and pictures of them were hanged in the van. Juan would watch a video done by Alex (which was funny, sweet and touching at the same time!!! Even I almost teared watching it).

The crew preparing for The Moment
I'm sure you all can guess it's a proposal under the Eiffel Tower ;)

Alex, the boyfriend, with balloons for all of us!

I don't know why was everyone dressed up.
Especially Chris.
We laughed when we saw him hahahaha

Juan was arriving and he was feeling superrrrrrr nervous hahaha

We were totally making use of all the props...
behaving as if it was our 2nd proposal hahahaha!

The following shots are a series of my favourite pictures of Juan
because I love natural reactions of people.

Yup, there was even a guitarist and singer!

The super cute Kombi!

So happy for the both of you! 


This married couple ah...tsk tsk
This engaged couple also....tsk tskkkk hahaha

Stay blissful and forever in love, Alex and Juan! :)

And a note:
Dear boyfriends of my girl friends,
please involve me if there's a surprise proposal planned okay!!!

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