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Saturday, 1 June 2013

I have had a couple of requests for a makeup tutorial and so I made a video when I was in Paris! I wouldn't call it a tutorial since I'm no makeup guru. It's just a video on what I put on my face daily :)

And since this is my first video, I was a little nervous (I don't know why since I had no audience!)... I kept repeating myself which was so silly and I couldn't think of the right words to say the entire time...which you'll understand if you watch it.

Sorry about the bad quality 'cause I was using my MacBook Air. Hopefully I'll be able to speak proper in my next video... If there's even gonna be a second one. Haha. I also didn't know how to fix the voice + mouth coordination in the middle of the video hahaha so it was a little weird to see my mouth + voice not synced.

Oh well.
It'll be better the next time round!

Here you gooooooooo!
(Even if you don't put on makeup, watch it to hear my voice? Hahaha)

Before and after:

Took some pictures in my room before going for a walk in Paris!

FashMob sent me some yummy items from their BRIDGE Label this week! With all the raging prints and texture in the fashion industry this season, we definitely need some basics to tone down the prints a little! And FashMob's basic skirts came in handy!

We have also updated TippyJess with exclusively manufactured items!!

Go go goooooo shop awayyyy!! 

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