Beautiful, scenic Switzerland!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Before I start on my Japan trip, let me share about my visit to Rheinfalls in Zurich a month ago! I cannot believe it took me 5 years to go to one of the most popular tourists' attractions near Zurich.

Summer in Switzerland is the best! It was a glorious day, the sun was shining and the skies were blue. It was actually cooling when we stood under the shade. Nothing like humid Singapore! And, Switzerland is definitely one of my favourite countries to visit for the beautiful scenery, clean water and unpolluted air. I love nature!

We were the only group of Asians on the boat 
and we were the last few allowed to board, 
and these people were being really selfish.
They refused to sit closer to each other even though there were significant gaps between them.
We just stood around staring at them and the space between them 
and they still DIDN'T get it 
till the person in-charge had to come over to ask them to move.
Outright bullying >:(
There were many other unpleasant incidents after we got off the boat but ah, forget it.

The waterfall was so powerful, we could actually feel the vapours when we were at shore.

Spot the rainbow!

We climbed up a reallyyyy narrow flight of stairs to spectacular view!
I was considered very lucky to get this shot without anyone photobombing me.

Summer in Switzerland = lots of beautiful vibrant flowers everywhere.
What a sight!

The driver/tour guide was really sweet, 
he dropped us at this small ancient town (Schifflandi) nearby 
for a quick stroll after Rheinfalls.

I think a home like this is perfect :)

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful waters of Rheinfalls and the colourful town!
Have a fabulous short work week ahead and cheers to a long weekend! ;)

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