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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Two weekends ago, 
H and I were invited for an engagement shoot with Smittenpixels Photography!
We were BEYOND excited as this was going to be our first professional photoshoot! 
We had no idea if were going to have any chemistry during the shoot 
or were we going to look natural 
or how were we going to pose.

All I knew was I wanted something like the end product of Jose Villa's work.
He's a very talented photographer specialising in weddings and engagement photoshoots. 
He rarely uses props, mainly focusing on the couple with simple and beautiful backdrops.
I'm a HUGE fan of his works.

I conveyed all of that to Fiona (the brainchild behind Smittenpixels!) 
and also told her that we wanted nothing cutesy hahahaha!
And the end result?


We shot at two locations and this was at the first!

Hahaha the sun was too glaring!

H said he can win 最佳男配角 
because he's in the background and slightly blurred hahahaha idiot

After this we moved on to our next location to catch the sunset!
TOO MANY favourites from this set of photos 
it's impossible to choose just ONE that I adore.
Same goes for H.
All of them look so good, we love too many! ;p

When we were thinking of our next pose, H suggested "Let's dance",
and these set of pictures ended up becoming one of my favourites :')

And the entire time I was laughing stupidly like this...
Because H couldn't stop making me laugh!!
Kinda spoiled the vibe we were going for, you think?

So...which one do you like best???

It was a very fun and relaxed shoot for H and I!
Fiona has such an easygoing personality, we clicked instantly!
She made us feel very comfortable during the shoot and if you're an amateur in poses (like us), 
fret not as Fiona has lots of ideas (just look at us hahaha)!
She gave us directions but left H and I to talk among ourselves 
so she can capture our most natural reactions.
That is very important as we didn't want those "look ahead and look far far" photos haha!

Lastly, look at our DVD!
H and I were pleasantly surprised when we saw it hehe ;)

If you're looking for a couple/engagement shoot, family photoshoot, lookbook for your online store, 
or any outdoor shoot, contact Fiona at!

Dresses: Both from online (can't remember where)
Hair cared for by Essensuals Bugis (@essensualsbugis)

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