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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

I cannot remember when did H and I have this meal but it was so, so, so satisfying I cannot wait to go back again!!

Chikuwa Tei
9 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 238959
Phone: 6738 9395

Thick slabs of salmon sashimi - YES

The scallop sashimi was heavenly!!!
I now declare these as my FAVOURITE sashimi!

A must order and mushrooms in my chawanmushi - that's a first!

H ordered the seasonal set which was red snapper I guess?
Soft and nicely done with sweet sauce.

And of course i had my favourite cha soba!

With tempura!

Oh yes, almost forgot to share about this delicious drink!
Iced Yuzu which was so refreshing!

And my #ootd that day.

In other news, CHRISTMAS IS COMING (I'm going on a trip yay! In fact, I'm going for TWO trips in December)!!
If you're clueless about what to get for your loved ones, may I direct you to When I Create?
They specialise in Zakka home decor items, craft materials and stationery.

I went crazy at their web store because I. LOVE. TOO. MANY. THINGS.
I'm constantly on the lookout for items that improve my home furnishing, which are both functional AND pretty at the same time. Which explains why I cannot wait for H and my home to be ready! Because for now, I can only see, cannot buy, until we get our keys. >:( What if they are sold out when next year arrives??? What if I can't find the same design anymore??? >:(

Anyhow, here's what I got from When I Create!

Hehehe I love cushions and what better way is there to dress up your living room/bedroom 
than to add a couple of cushions with awesome covers?
I think it is genius to mix and match cushion covers of different hues and designs!

And this Flower Prints Cushion Cover is amazing because I can flip it around 
if I want to create a different ambience for my house!
Grey for a muted look and pink for something more funky!

My rings found a home with the Ceramic Dog Holder!
I know it will guard my rings/accessories fiercely and loyally.

Looking reallyyyy adorable on my dresser now!

I also got a couple of Christmas figurines, some washi tapes 
and a Russian doll handkerchief (all just launched)!!!
The people behind When I Create really know the way to my heart.
I cannot resist cute and pretty stuff!!

Need some Christmas gifts' ideas?

To celebrate their opening on 1.11.13, 
all shoppers get $5 off $111 spent till 30th November!

Hop over to their website: to get inspired,
their Facebook page for updates on upcoming launches,
and Instagram @whenicreate for pretty pictures!

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