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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Today I'm back to share about a new place and great deals for you girls (and guys)!

I'm recently sponsored by a nail parlour - Polished Hand + Foot Spa! Jessie, the owner, has 2 outlets currently - one in Siglap and the other's in Boat Quay. I frequent the Boat Quay outlet as it's located centrally and it's nearer for me.

Before you think it's just another typical nail parlour...let me tell you why it's Not.

Polished cares a great deal about hygiene so the nail equipment the manicurist is using on you, they are ALL medically sterilised and packed into an individual plastic pack which will be opened right before your eyes (forgot to take a picture, will show you girls on my next visit!). And yes, they use a new pack each for your hands and feet. That's the first I've heard in Singapore. This is probably adopted elsewhere and I'm glad Jessie brought this practice to our little island.

The emphasis on cleanliness/hygiene is greatly appreciated by customers like myself because I honestly feel great discomfort stepping into a dirty-looking nail salon. Especially those in China with dirty seats, filthy equipment and the entire space smelled of food...... Plain gross. I could never understand how anyone could eat in a nail parlour what with all the nail particles in the air.

Anyhow, let me share about my treatments!

On my first visit to Polished, Jessie introduced me to one of their signature treatments - mask for the arms and legs! My limbs were scrubbed before being wrapped in a film for the mask to take effect! Meanwhile, the manicurists (Oscar and May) continued to prep my nails!

I've been meaning to get some shy bunnies on my fingernails and here they are!

The blue was GORGEOUS so I was always staring at my feet.

So on my second visit, I decided to have the blue on my fingernails so I can look at them ALL DAY hehehe.

I love this design so much!! I don't know why but I tend to like cutesy designs on my fingers and plain colours on my toes. May always gives me what I requested and she does an even better job at it than all the pictures I showed her.

And on my toes. a dark dusty purple this month:

The purple matches even my most colourful outfit!

The Halloween designs they had last month!
Polished has some creative minds there.

Just look at the skills the manicurists possess!

Also, they procured bags/accessories off the fashion runway 
so owning one is a dream not too far away!
I've been eyeing the primary colours Chanel for FOREVER 
but noooo I cannot spend >:(

If you are looking for some quality service, clean ambience, non-pushy service staff and an experience unlike others, I highly recommend Polished!

Polished Hand + Foot Spa is located at:

Boat Quay
+65 6535 3665
Mon-Fri: 10.30am - 8pm
Sat: 10.30am - 3pm
Closed Sunday

695A East Coast Road
+65 6246 4256
Mon-Fri: 11am - 8pm
Sat-Sun: 10.30am - 8pm

Follow them on Instagram: @polishedhandfootspa

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