#OOTD: Compilation

Sunday, 16 February 2014

I cannot believe it's been 2 months since my last #ootd compilation.
I've started work for only a week and I am tired everyday :( 
Don't understand why my evenings are so packed,
the only thing I want to do when I reach home is just to lie on my bed.
I hope this is not the life I'll be leading from now... work, home and sleep...
This routine feels like I didn't achieve anything for the day.

But the awesome thing is, my office is on the way to H's so he sends me to work 
and I get to sleep half an hour more!!!
Every minute is so precious in the morning.
We are planning to get a good mattress for our future home 
and I cannot imagine myself leaving the bed in the morning. Or at all.

I'm so not a morning person.
It's proven you know.
When I was still schooling, 
I remember cooping myself in the room to study for my O Levels 
but I never got anything done in the day.
Unless you consider pacing around the house and doodling on my notes as getting something "done".
I was just distracted and smartphones weren't even invented at that time!
Then I realised I focus best if I actually take a nap in the evening 
and then mug through the night till 3-4am.
It's still the same for me now.
I am more productive at night, especially after 10pm hahaha.


Looking through these outfit pictures, I miss dressing up
and taking pictures at interesting places.
Which reminds me - updated SHOPTIPPYTAPP with a couple of outfits!

I still have tons of #ootds to share but please allow me to post them in sequence!

Next, I would like to introduce all you fashion lovers to an exclusive local online retailer,  
Just Tangy, who brings in accessories from international designers.
No more hefty shipping costs and you get your order in as quick as a day!

I have always loved wearing chunky statement necklaces with my outfits. 
In order not to look over accessorised or like a Christmas tree, 
I tend to do away with bold bracelets/bangles on the arms. 
Anyway, not much love lost there because they are never small enough for my babylike wrists.

So imagine how delighted I was to receive a bracelet from Claire Aristides I got off Just Tangy!

(also available in rose gold and yellow gold)
because horseshoes are said to bring luck!
Some believe that having the ends pointing upwards, 
all the good luck floating by will be stored in the storage like container!
I haven't taken the bracelet off since I received it and I don't intend to 
just because I hope to gather all the luck wherever I go ;)

I love how it's so delicate and light, I don't even remember I'm wearing it on some days.
Best thing is, this pretty little thing comes with 3 hooks to fit all wrist sizes 
and the innermost hook fits me perfectly! :)

Just Tangy brings all the exclusive international designers to you in one store 
with a variety of unique and exotic accessories which are highly sought after by fashionistas.
Popular brands include CC Skye, Daniel Wellington, Lucien Elements, just to name a few.
And of course, for safe and efficient delivery, free courier delivery is available for orders above $180!
There's always a reason to pamper yourself, do it at JustTangy.com! :)

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