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Thursday, 13 March 2014

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With so many new innovations in the beauty and skincare industry lately, many ladies can now choose to wake up looking pretty instantly. I say "choose" because we have the options of doing eyebrow embroidery, lip tinting, semi-permanent eyeliner and eyelash extensions ALL on our face! Natural beauty? Yes, we all can be if we want to ;)

But today, let me touch on Erabelle's latest brow treatment - Erabrowlogy. It is a holistic eyebrow embroidery treatment to give beautiful and natural looking brows that frame the face with enhanced colour retention. Modern women have a lot of commitments and sometimes in the morning, I don't even put on makeup before leaving my home for work because I can use that couple more minutes to build a better relationship with my bed for my well-being. Beauty is secondary in the morning hahaha. 

I am so glad Erabelle has a team of modern women behind the brand as they came up with solutions to simplify beauty routines so we are able to give our best face to the public with minimal time and effort spent.

Let's move on to the day of the event where we witnessed Erabrowlogy!

Amantha and I arrived at Erabelle's Bugis outlet with geeky glasses!

The sweet and the savoury presented on pretty wares for us!
I kept my temptations in check because I try not to eat carbs at dinnertime. Healthy lifestyle yo!

Here's a little peek of the outlet!
I love that it's brightly lit and the design is so girly!!
AND their rooms are fairytale themed!

Most of us grew up with Cinderella and Snow White
and that is the reason why Erabelle chose fairytale.
Because we are familiar with them and the warm feeling of fairytales
resonates with the sincere service standard that they pride themselves on.
All the outlets have different concepts so customers can have a range of experiences
when they visit different outlets!
Very, very pretty and interesting concept, you have to visit to find out!

We were given a live demo of the Erabrowlogy process 
and I like that they started it with a mask + scrub for the eyebrows.
What the mask looks like applied.
The therapist will leave this mask on your eyebrows for 5-7 minutes,
then rub it around the areas 
to remove dead skin and excess sebum so the colour can penetrate the skin easier
and result in better colour retention.

Jacelyn, our model for the live demo!
When the mask is off, the therapist will draw on a pair of eyebrows most ideal for your face shape.
I thought it was a job well done!
I LOVE the drawn brows! It's so Korean-ish, don't you think?
Of course, if you don't like the shape, you can always have it redrawn to your fancy :)

Now that both brows are drawn, it is time to start the numbing process.
Erabelle uses numbing so the process is made more comfortable.

While waiting for the numbing cream to take effect on Jacelyn, 
the guests were invited for an eyebrow shaping session!

One style does not fit all.

Individuals have unique features therefore your brows

will be tailored to perfectly frame your face and eyes
to showcase your assets by considering the following 5 aspects:

1) Length of eyebrows 
2) Thickness of eyebrows; 
determined by the distance between the brows and eyes, size of eyes, size of face and body frame 
3) Shape and tip of the brow arch 
4) Starting point of the brows – light and natural-looking 
5) Ending point of the brows – complete and precise

My face shape is a mix of square + diamond.
From the front, it's more of a diamond shape but because of my jaw line, 
I have manly square shape when you look at my face from the side.

Left brow is done!
I love subtle arches on my eyebrows.
Trimming the hair shorter also neatens the shape!

I have pretty eyebrows that frame my face perfectly!

Over at the other side, the therapist has already started with the embroidery process.
It is done with Softstroke Technique which is gentle on skin 
and the European Micropen used delivers natural results.
What I gathered from Jacelyn was how painless and comfortable the entire process was.
I mean, just look at her!
If you're concerned about hygiene, not to worry as new Micropen tips and caps 
are used for every customer!

How Erabrowlogy looks like when it's done.
The colour goes a shade lighter after a week so it will definitely look more natural!

So thoughtful of them to put together a Browlogy Care Kit for all customers which consists of the Aftercare cream, Hydra Cleansing Water and the Skin Calming Mask.

If you say yes to any one of the following, you will definitely love Erabrowlogy:
- Makeup smudge after lunchtime
- Allergic to makeup products
- You want to look good ALL THE TIME
- You have difficulty applying makeup; or
- You don't have the luxury of time to put on makeup

Erabrowlogy only takes 60 minutes per session and this package costs $1314 consists of 4 colour services (touch-up sessions x4) which lasts for 2-3 years with the full course of treatment and proper care. If you had previously did eyebrow embroidery or tattoo elsewhere, the Erabrowlogy Redesign & Intensive Change which costs $1690.60 will be more suitable for you as it will correct the shape and/or colour of your unsatisfactory brows! There will be an additional surcharge of $214 per package if you opt for a Master Artist to do your brows.

Take a step closer to being a natural beauty with Erabelle! ;)

You can find their outlets at:
Bugis Junction #02-05  ​Tel: 6883 1151
Bedok Point #03-27​  Tel: 6753 2322
Orchard VisionCrest #01-06 to 11​  Tel: 6836 8388
Vivocity #02-01/02  ​Tel: 6376 8336
Kuala Lumpur The Gardens Mall FF-227, 4th Floor (opening May 2014)

Lastly, Erabelle is giving away 20% Erabrowlogy discount voucher to 5 lucky readers (redeemable from 1st April – 30th June 2014)! To participate, leave a comment in the following format:

Email address:
Last 5 characters of your I/C no: (e.g. 4321J)
Why you are interested to do eyebrow embroidery: 

Like them on their Facebook page ( and winners will be selected on 26th March. Good luck!

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