Double O Seven

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Nuffnang turns 7 last week and it was my first time joining in the celebrations!

I didn't take any pictures at all and was contemplating on not bringing my camera that night 
because Meiting was my date and I know I can trust her to snap tons of pictures!! 
Hahaha thanks Meiting! <3 <3 <3

All pictures credit to her!
Mimicking Meiting's pose hahaha

The theme that evening was James Bond 007, a black-tie event so everyone was dressed to the nines!
We took so many pictures at the instant photo booth I can fill up an album already haha

The 8kg birthday cake!
I can just imagine the amount of effort put into making this fondant cake.

Oh yes!
How can I forget I also won a pseudo blog award from the team hahaha. 
Damn sweet la, thank you guys!

And lastly, what I wore that night.
Felt a little overdressed!

My nails for Lunar New Year done at Polished!
It was drawn with so much care and I love that pop of forest green on my thumb!
A++ for effort!
The manicurists always get a headache when they see me (I think) because 
the nail designs I request for are always so complicated hahaha. 
But I am so proud of them for taking up the challenge AND doing such a great job at it!

What's on my nails this month!

Almost everyone at Polished Clarke Quay had given a go at doing my nails 
and they are all professional artists with steady hands.
If you are searching for a nail parlour that prioritizes and emphasizes on hygiene,
Polished Hand Foot Spa is definitely the place for you :)

Boat Quay: 23 Lor Telok #01-01, tel: 6535 3665
East Coast: 695A East Coast Road, tel: 6246 4256

See you there sometime! ;)

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