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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

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Hello ladies and gentlemen! Do you have a unique blog persona? A distinctive voice without the online crowd? Love dressing up? Have a beautiful smile? Most importantly, do you like having fun? If you answered yes, yes, yes, yes, and YES, ION Orchard is looking for you!

ION Orchard is launching a blog - ION Insider and they are looking for YOU to join them! You will be the coolest kid among your friends being the first to get your hands on the latest beauty products and trying the newest F&B offerings!

Two weeks ago, H and I had the privilege of attending the Audi Fashion Festival held at ION Orchard and rubbed shoulders with all the other fashion enthusiasts! VIP parties? See you there next time! ;)

Our senses were in for a treat that evening - eyes were feasting because there were too many hotties (H and I couldn't stop checking out those male models OMG) and tastebuds were welcomed with the delicious canapés served! What an evening! *inserts love eye emoji* (and sorry no pictures of the food because I am... really... not a food blogger :x I always forget!)

After some mingling and eating, we were presented with a preview of Ted Baker's Spring/Summer 2014 Collection!

*switches on fashion blogger mode*

All men should wear Ted Baker.
'Nuff said.

Ted Baker makes timeless classic pieces so well and this season, 
we see a lot of tasteful floral prints in pastel hues. 
I love!

Throw on a vest/blazer and it is formal enough for work.
Yes, we should wear more prints to the office!

This maxi dress is so dreamy!

Feast on, eyes!

The gorgeous Velda and I had a go at the photo booth with the models!

Bummed into my friend, Suwen from SQ!
I knew her way before when we just started flying 
and just a couple of months before we both quit, we did a flight together as well.
It is always nice to bum into an old friend and catch-up a little :)

With the RSH girls :)

Luckily Velda's husband, Fred was there to keep H company that evening 
because H doesn't enjoy attending events with me, neither do the majority of my friends. 

I am hoping all you fun-loving peeps will join the ION Insider Search 
so we can hang out at events in future! 

You have an idea about what bloggers do at events now, right?
Yup, we just eat, drink, socialise, smile for the camera 
and take loads of pictures of ourselves and a little of others haha!
Sounds like your kinda thing?

Sign up today at!

All those pretty dresses hanging in your wardrobe will go to waste 
if you are not wearing them to exclusive fashion soirees and red carpet events ya? ;)

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