Our Wedding Photo Shoot (behind the scenes)

Thursday, 1 May 2014

I am sure you guys have seen some pictures of H and my pre-wedding photo shoot taken in February. It was definitely a fun process doing silly poses and dolling up to look...unlike ourselves hahaha. That's the whole point of pre-wed photo shoots isn't it?! Professional makeup artists always make me look like I've fallen from the sky and landed with no bruises (an angel. I hope you got it hahaha). IF ONLY I look this perfect everyday. Pretty sure I'm speaking on behalf of most ladies!

Anyway, enough with the crap haha. Today I'll be sharing about behind the scenes of our pre-wedding photo shoot! We chose to take it on a weekday (Tuesday) so we can have lesser or no photobombs. The places we chose were kinda quiet anyway sooooo it didn't actually matter come to think of it.

We reached the studio at 9am for hair + makeup and we only had lunch at 5pm because the entire day was such a rush! Spent too much time on our first set in the studio and we had to scurry off to our next destination because there was a time slot allocated (2pm to 4pm). We only reached at 3pm and chop chop got 2 sets done in 1 to 1.5 hour because we had to run off to get lunch (drive-through McDonald's) and catch the magical orange glow before the sun sets. It was a wrap at 7pm and I was STILL starving.

Honestly, doing it once was enough. It was waaaayyy too tiring, and I cannot stand being hungry. It's such a torture! After looking at the pictures, kinda felt it was worth it though. I hope I did look a little skinnier in the photos after starving for so many hours.

Okay, let's get rolling with the pictures!

Makeup done, time to change and get started on the hair!

YESSSSS, more volume please!
If you're wondering, yes, I had a tough time washing my hair that night.

I knew I was going to match this vintage lace gown with a pair of pearl earrings
so imagine how delighted I was to spot this pair of pearl + diamonds earrings at Lovis Diamonds 
a week before the photoshoot!

Red lips + pearls + lace + 3/4 sleeved = perfect combination

The earrings were PERFECT!
There was some inexplicable joy when I had them on ^.^

With my Korean looking poofy low bun with loose fringe + coral lips.

By the way, I chose all of H's outfits to match my dresses but he looked great didn't he?! <3

So grateful to our photographer who fully understood 
the direction of the shoot - classy, glamourous and nothing cutesy. 
He used soft lightings and soft mode for this set which really pleased both H and I! 
The end photos for this set were soooo nice I'll show you all another time!

Sideswept waves + nude pink lips, 
something more feminine for my second dress which had a train of roses.

My neck and chest feels a little naked in this bustier dress 
so I matched it with a fully encrusted diamond necklace from Lovis Diamonds.

If you don't want to look like you have too many things dangling on you,
best to accessorise your ears with studs instead of hanging earrings :)


Looking a little pale here before changing my lip colour

The makeup artist darkened my eyeshadow a little 
because we were going outdoor to continue the photoshoot!

Love the fuchsia lips!

Lip colours play an important role, don't you think?
Personally, I prefer strong, vibrant colours and all those pale nudish pink just don't cut it for me.

Same diamond ear studs as above because I was in a toga dress :)

Car situation when we were done with the 3rd and 4th look and on our way to get lunch (finally)!
The photographer and makeup artist were in the backseats by the way hahahaha it was hilarious!
Only H was spared, how lucky!

We took so many pretty pictures for this set and I couldn't decide which to choose at all!
It's like, I wanted to choose everything because I looked good in them???!! *sheepish smile*
I did practice very good self-control in the end lah. 
We only paid for 24 photos more.  :x
That's consider an achievement already after hearing how many extra photos my friends chose!

I think navy blue looks good on H!
So on the actual wedding day, he will most likely be wearing black and navy blue hahaha.

What I looked like at the end of the day.
Here's the details of the dress but I think this picture is a little overexposed. 
That's some pretty floral on the neckline and the dress has a v-back.

Perfect eyebrows!

A closer look at the earrings!
This pair was my favourite!

Diamonds studded all over omgggg super love! *heart-eye emoticon*

Another low bun!

I kinda like off-shoulder gowns too...
Ahhh too many gowns, one day of wedding is not enough! :x

Hahaha capturing more photos of the balloons before they deflate!

I hope you guys enjoyed this entry as much as I did reminiscing about it!
Will be sharing some pictures from the shoot soon, stay tuned! :)

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