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Sunday, 13 April 2014

I realised I haven't talked about beauty products in a while. And that's what today's entry is going to be about - my top 4 favourite makeup products at the moment!

First up, Dior Pore Minimizer. There are not enough words to tell you how much I LOVE this product. It works as a primer so you apply it after sunscreen and before foundation. It's in cream form but after you spread it over your face, it feels powdery. This product is so magical, it provides instant mattifying effect and lasts THE ENTIRE DAY. I have combination skin so my nose looks significantly oilier after lunch and the oil on my face can fry a sausage at the end of a working day. But after I started including the Pore Minimizer into my makeup regime, I don't need to touch up my makeup at all! This is so awesome!! AND my pores are practically non-existent. So much love for this, you have to try it to believe!

I cannot live without my lipsticks and my current favourites are these from VDL! Randomly saw on Facebook (which I rarely log on to) that they were having some sort of sale in Marriott Hotel so I popped by and got these really cheap! In typical Korean shades - fuchsia pink and coral. The colours are loveeeeee! And I thought they smell like my favourite iced lemon tea when applied. ^.^

Next up, one of Dior's bestsellers, the Lip Maximizer. This thing really works man! A lot of girls actually mentioned about the stinging feeling but it doesn't bother me much because the Burts Bees lip balm I have been using for 8-9 years now is mint flavoured and the Lip Maximizer tastes similar to me. Say yes to sexier, plumped up lips!

I have used a couple of products from Dollywink before but I always, always go back to their mascaras. The one pictured is for longer lashes but it helps in the volume and curl department as well. I love how my lashes do not clump together after I've applied this. The brush looks pretty normal to me but it is probably magical (I know, I use this word twice already) because I find it so easy to apply mascara on my lower lashes with this! My hand actions are usually too big and unsteady so I tend to smudge some on my lower eye rims but with Dollywink's, all's good!

I am trying new products almost on a daily basis and if I ever come across anything good, I will be back to share them. Till the next! :)

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