Let's talk beauty: Eyelash Extension + IPL

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Update // 7 May
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This month on "Let's talk beauty", I will be sharing on some of the common topics discussed over brunch with girlfriends! I have very good promotion deals for you girls so read on! :)

First up, eyelash extension!! I have always wanted thick, volumised and curled eyelashes that can be easily spotted from two metres away but I'm too lazy to include mascara into my daily makeup regime because I dread the thought of having to remove them at night... So I lived without pretty lashes all these while, totally au naturale eyelashes + makeup on days when I don't have to attend events.

If you are wondering why I don't wear falsies, well, I think the glue I bought was too good. Seriously. I had such a hard time removing the glue from my eyelids, tugging and pulling, I could feel those wrinkles screaming with joy. I used 2 different eye makeup removers and even tried baby oil but those stubborn bits refused to get out. So I just decided never to wear fake eyelashes. Anyway, those things make my eyes uncomfortable.

When I was introduced to DreamLash by Sheila, I was beaming with smiles (thanks Sheila)! It seems to be the answer to all my eyelash woes! And boy, was it!

Before I got started, Rachel (the owner) ran me through the style of lashes I would love to be seen with. I wanted curl > volume and length double that of my current lashes. On top of my requirements, she gave me lashes that looks like I have eyeliner drawn on (no more eye makeup yay!) and short to long lashes (inner to outer eye) so it will look like I've drawn on winged eyeliner.

I chose the Diamond Silk because it was one of the softest lashes available! Real Mink is even softer but they are not in stores yet. All the synthetic lashes and glue are imported from Korea and are of good quality so don't worry even if you have sensitive skin because the glue is medicated, suitable even for ladies with sensitive skin :)

Took a short nap when Rachel was putting on the lashes strand by strand for me.

When I opened my eyes, my first thought was, "Huh my eyes feel so normal, there's no extra weight, did she really do anything?!"

When Rachel handed the mirror to me, *gasp* the lashes are so pretty!!! I couldn't stop admiring them but I stopped after what seemed to be too long because she will think I'm mad hahaha. Damn nice right!!! I don't think I'll ever go au naturale again! Hahaha.

Taken with my low-res phone frontal camera
and the lashes still can be spotted woohoo!

By the way, this is what my before lashes look like; sparse, short and straight.

Apart from not being to wash my face in the shower, I don't feel inconvenient in any way with the lash extensions. DreamLash provided me with a face sponge to wash my face with and it reaches areas where my fingers are clumsy at. I was also given a lash brush to comb my lashes to avoid tangles! Life has been a joy with eyelash extensions and hello 2 minutes makeup regime!

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After that, I popped over to Lavande located just beside DreamLash for my armpits + lower legs IPL appointment! So convenient for us consumers who wish to do beauty related treatments all in one afternoon!

Love the clean and simple layout!

After many, many years of shaving, my legs are spotted 
with all these tiny red bumps that won't go away. 
I am so sick of shaving, why do we have these aesthetically non-pleasing body hair 
that serves no purpose??

Lavande uses medical grade machine that requires no gel and zero pain!
If you have tried IPL before, most of the hair removal salons actually apply a layer of cold gel 
on the area before running the machine over it.
Over at Lavande, this step is skipped because the machine is cold to touch!
IPL treatment for underarms probably took me less than 3 minutes!

My legs are *ahem* too skinny so I was warned in advance that I might feel something 
but it was very bearable and I wouldn't describe the pulses as "pain" anyway.

Too shy to show my armpits haha so here are the before and after pictures I took from the catalogue!
10 sessions are recommended to be completely hairless!

Nourishing red date tea after my treatment

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First-time trial at $140 (U.P. $280) but you can try it at $70 (additional 50% off!)

IPL Half leg
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