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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Hellooooo guys! I found a new favourite place for brunch! It is none other than boCHINche under the Spa Esprit group which is the parent company of other favourite restaurants/cafes such as House @ Dempsey, Tiong Bahru Bakery, Forty Hands and Common Man Coffee Roasters. The popular Strip and Browhaus is under their beauty portfolio!

So boCHINche serves Argentinean cuisine...well, what IS Argentinean cuisine?

I looked through their brunch menu and spotted many familiar dishes 
like eggs benedict, french toast, pancakes, scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, etc. 
But they also have lots, and lots of cheese for all you lovers out there!
(I'm not a fan. at all.)

Started my afternoon with an orange + grapefruit juice!

Heirloom tomato salad with burrata
(H said all the cheeses on the menu were good btw!)

I tried the Ricotta pancakes with berries and they were soooo good!
Can't taste the ricotta at all!

I love patty that's filled with seafood. Crab cakes, my favourite! 
This was squid burger and it was just as yums!

This was my favourite dish of the day!!!
I'm pretty sure Argentineans don't eat bak choi in their country 
but oh man, this dish was so good with the crispy tofu.
The tuna. OMG, THE TUNA.

Erm bacon ice-cream?
I tried it and I think I'll stick to real ice-cream flavours haha.
I loved everything else about this dish.

You cannot go wrong with salmon and scrambled eggs!

I have taken a liking to drinks with mint in them 
and the watermelon + mint juice was refreshing!

Favourite dessert of the meal - Creme brûlée with banana split ice-cream!

The chocolate tart wasn't sweet enough for me...

The passion fruit sorbet took sourness to a whole new level.
Thankfully the milk cake sweetened it and they made a great combi!

Creme caramel with crushed meringue

Overall, we agreed the quality of the food was splendid, 
the fusion was seamless, and we loved most of the dishes.
Will we return again?
Definitely, especially when we feel like we deserve a treat!


In other food news, Cocotte the restaurant is partnering Singapore Dance Theatre
for this year's Ballet Under the Stars happening on 18-20 and 25-27 July,
and you can order a picnic basket to wine and dine at the event! ;)
More details can be found here!

The dishes were yummy and I especially loved 
the Poulet Roti Sandwich and Cherry Chocolate Cake!

Abrupt end to this entry because I got to go.

Hope you guys had a lovely first half of 2014 
and here's to creating more wonderful moments for the later half.
Have a great week ahead! <3

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