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Monday, 15 September 2014

Finally decided on my gowns for the actual day. Basically, I changed all my initial choices because the bridal studio has tons of new designs that were all so pretty and I would wear every single one of them! The lady boss said she designed them with me in mind but don't know how true is that lah. I definitely had a tough time deciding which gowns to include in my big day and my final choice for the morning dress is surprisingly simple - no tulle, no poofiness, no long train.

I was a little shocked by my choice to be honest. But I knew I couldn't not let that dress be part of my big day because it is so flattering on me, it's elegant, it doesn't expose too much skin, makes me look skinnier like I actually have a waist, very comfortable to wear and most importantly, it makes me look good in pictures.

I guess this is what it feels like to have found "The One". I wouldn't have given it a try if my wedding coordinator didn't insist that it will look good on me because it's the total opposite of what I thought my "The One" will look like - poofy, lace, lots of tulle with no blings.

After almost a year, my wedding coordinator grew in understanding me, my taste, my style and that's truly amazing.
H and I also dug out a couple of childhood photos to include in a video that we will be showing on our wedding day. I think I was a pretty cute for a kid <7 years old HAHAHA. Then I grew gross because I was too skinny for my height and I hated being underweight. Back in those days during PE lessons, we had to take our height and weight then the teacher will shout your statistics to the class monitor or whoever to write them down. I hated the insensitive teachers who announced to the entire class because I was always the lightest in the class and being underweight gets teased as often as the overweight kids okay?
I am obviously still underweight now (but I maintain a very healthy appetite) but that doesn't bother me as much anymore. It's great to be out of school haha. Here's an entry to share from my Dayre:

Ahem guys. Tonight I discover something revolutionary I would like to share with everyone.

That is, I have been very hiao since a very young age and I'm unable to defend myself because how else can I explain wearing a ridiculous furry fuchsia pink headpiece under the crazy sun which serves no purpose in shielding me from the UV rays other than making me perspire more?

Fast forward 20 odd years later, I still love shopping for impractical stuff.

Or maybe my mum is the fashionable one because my sister and I were always dressed stylishly. My sister looked damn good in this outfit! And super cute!

Apparently the furry fuchsia pink head thingy was one-off because I started wearing straw hat (and leggings)! I think my interest in fashion started at around this age because I noticed my sister did not wear as much accessories as I did (still the same now btw) and she wasn't vain like me, wearing hats indoor just for pictures.

Red + blue are still my favourite colours to match!

This hat was super lasting omg. Think it was with me for at least 3-4 years.

And here's a picture of H for you. That's his best picture out of various albums he chose from hahahaha. Let's be objective here - H didn't look that good growing up but I won't post the unglam ones lah! That cute little fatty!

@silas admitted he will fall for me if we actually went to the same kindergarten because I work it even with my uniform hahaha!

I really like looking through old photos, don't need any Instagram filters and they already look nice!

Okay lah that's all. Good night! 

p/s: Updated Shoptippytapp!

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