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Sunday, 19 October 2014

I assume a lot of us have a lot of another man's treasures (read: clothes that no longer fit or things we no longer use) accumulating in your house and you don't actually know what to do with them other than

1) Throwing them away (WHAT A WASTE!!)
2) Giving/selling them to the garang guni man, or
3) Dropping them off at Salvation Army

These months I have been decluttering my house (I'm not kidding when I say my things are all over the house) and I find myself with a lot of unwanted belongings even after offering them to family/friends and selling them online. I obviously need avenues to get rid of my stuff which are in mint condition and some are even brand new! Dropping unwanted items at The Salvation Army is the most convenient method since they have several branches across the island but I like to be "fair" and spread my donations across as many charities as I possibly can. So after some research online, I realised there are many other such organisations which accept donations such as clothing, newspapers, magazines, books, shoes, toys, curtains, etc and I was thrilled! Here are a few organisations I've personally donated to:

New2U Thrift Shop
Singapore Council of Women's Organisations has a thrift store call the New2U Thrift Shop which sells pre-loved apparel, shoes, accessories and household items, with proceeds going to Star Shelter. Star Shelter provides a safe temporary refuge for women and their children who are victims of family violence regardless of race, language, creed or religion. I dropped off some clothes from Tippyjess there a few months back and I hope that managed to help them earn a little!

Singapore Tzu Chi Foundation
Every second Sunday of the month is the monthly recycling day for Singapore Tzu Chi Foundation. You will find volunteers between 9am to 12 noon at designated areas so you can deliver recyclable materials to the recycling points. H brought 2 bags of my relatively new clothes to them for donation but was rejected because the clothes are new. So remember, they only accept old/secondhand stuff!

There are relatively fewer MINDS Shops around Singapore as compared to Salvation Army and the former only opens for a couple of hours for 3 days each week so it might not be as convenient for most of us who work office hours. Luckily there's one not too far from where I stay so we dropped off some stuff there when H was on leave from work!

EN Community/Green Bags
Recently, we spotted plastic bags from EN Community left at our doorstep and the volunteers will go from floor to floor in the block to collect anything that's not bulky. So if you have too many bags of stuff to donate and you don't drive, this is fuss-free! In fact, there's another organisation (forgot the name) that makes it convenient for us too - green bags are left on doorsteps and they will state the date of collection for the month. My neighbours are very green-loving and I always see their green bags filled with bottles, milk cartons, cans, cardboard packaging, newspapers, etc!

Just thought this would be interesting to share because Chinese New Year is just a few months away and I'm pretty sure we will be throwing tons of stuff! That's all from me today, have a great week ahead! :D

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