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Thursday, 30 October 2014

It's been a while since my last home decor inspiration post! (Refer to my past entries here and here.) Things haven't changed much since and I still love all the pictures saved for inspiration purposes after looking through them recently. Colour palette still consists of the same few colours - black, white, grey and with wood accents.

After paying a couple of interior designers a visit, we finally learn that the theme we want to have, in ID's jargon, is a mixture of Scandinavian, industrial and loft. Sounds just about right!

Basically, what we love is a clean and bright home that gives off the feeling of warmth and cosiness. Scandinavian home designs give off that vibe but some of it tend to lean towards minimalist bare which feels a little too empty and cold for us.

Disclaimer: none of the photos that I am gonna post below belongs to me. I found them on Google.

This is one such example. No clutter, very clean but it doesn't look as if anyone lives in this house. To make it more cosy, I think we'll add a carpet, some paintings/pictures on the wall and maybe a vase or two for some colours.

What I like though, are the windows and the built-in cabinets on the wall. This is an idea worth exploring since we have a pretty huge living area and the space behind the sofa is gonna be left empty. I guess we can make do with some cabinets/shelves!

Since our walls are just gonna be white, white and eh, white, I suggested to H to have a coloured wall at the entrance (black or grey or cream) but he wasn't too keen on having a distinct colour difference in the living room.

Ooohhh I love this! I've always knew that we'll have latches on the wall but this just shows how incredible it will look in life when we do have it! And the cabinets at the bottom? Perfect. No curtains for us though! And this is a little too white haha.

The Scandinavian theme seems to have this love for brick walls going and even the interior designers suggested having one as a TV feature wall but no thank you. It IS nice and it will be a fantastic spot for picture-taking but what if one day I get bored of looking at it?

Since we cannot destroy anything in our new (BTO) kitchen, we'll have to make do with overlays and I love this glossy rectangle tiles! Only qualm is that we don't intend to have top cabinets in the kitchen and we only want half the walls (the area beneath the hood) to be tiled so I'm not too sure if it's gonna look weird...

Lastly, a monochrome theme bedroom. Love the absence of a bed headboard but probably no legs for the bed frame 'cause nobody got time to clean the dust underneath the bed. We will have a latch on the wall but not directly above our heads... Probably on the opposite wall.

We intend to sell/rent our first home after 5 years so we were advised not to spend too much on renovation and built-in carpentry works. I guess it does make sense since we cannot bring everything with us when we move, the new owner might be hacking them away so it's gonna be a waste if we spend so much now.

Hopefully my next update will be on our new home already! *SUPER EXCITED*

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