Owning a Home - Excitement

Friday, 9 January 2015

A little late but happy 2015 guys! 

I actually have a lot of things to do today but thought I'll pop over here for a little update!

Ever since we came back from our honeymoon, I've been thinking about our travel plans for this year because I miss being overseas 

The confirmed trips for 2015 include: 
- Tokyo and Kyoto
- Bali for a friend's wedding 
- New Zealand (in summer hopefully)
I'm hoping we/I can squeeze in a short trip to:
- Taiwan or just Taipei is fine as well

And that's all as our budget is a little tight this year because...

We've received news that we will be collecting the keys to our new place this month! 

What a great start to the year!!! We are so, so excited and have been rushing our interior designer to rush out the 3d designs and last weekend was spent looking for furniture in Jurong East (IMM, Big Box, The Furniture Mall).
I enjoy furniture shopping and zone out whenever we enter the electronics and home appliances sections because those are not my things. I get bored when we discuss whether to get a 48" or 55" tv (best is don't get one at all) or if the washer should be 7 or 8kg load. 

So yes, owning a house and renovations and everything are so expensive. Doubt we'll have extra cash to do much travelling this year but I guess having a cozy home will do just as fine.
So our ID has assured us that everything except carpentry work for our house will be done before the contractors take their CNY break and we should be looking to move in by April. I hope it's really this optimistic looking!

Which also means I have to start packing for the move soon because you will know how long it's gonna take me  It's almost like moving my current house (not room ah) into my new house hahaha.

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