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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

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When asked about the West side of Singapore, a lot of people I know would be like, "What's there to do in the West?!".

Lemme tell you - LOTS.

Coming from someone who has been residing in the North for the past 17 years, I think I spent too much of my time in the West. From secondary school to my tertiary institution and now H's office and monthly visit to my hairstylist, I travel to the West side very frequently.

One mall that stays around from when I was a kid to a woman almost reaching my late-twenties now, is IMM. IMM has gone through numerous facelifts to move with the changing trends and to accommodate the needs of the 1 million residents in the West. These days, H and I frequent IMM very often as home renovation is our top priority currently. The mall has a large selection of furnishing stores ranging from interior designers to sanitary ware to furniture - you can basically get everything you need there to build a home. Before or after your shopping, I'm pretty sure you'll be in a dilemma on where to have your meal(s) especially when there are so many choices!

But of course, my favourite aspect of each mall is fashion. Other than the usual retail fashion stores, IMM is also home to the largest Outlet Mall in Singapore and that is what I would like to highlight in this entry. I went shopping at the Outlet Mall last week to look for outfits that fit a Date Night look, as well as something Sporty!

Outfit details:
- Flavia Jumpsuit from GUESS, $50 (UP$195), FJB Outlet, #01-102
- Shoes, $79 (UP$175) from Nine West Outlet #01-103
- Montmartre Bracelet, $45 (UP$220), from Furla Outlet, #01-122
- Mad Twis MIN SAT Bag, $499 (UP$645), from Coach Outlet, #01-104/104A

My entire outfit was picked from the Outlet Mall! With close to 60 exciting outlet stores, you can expect a variety of choices ranging from casual to formal. Prices are slashed up to 80% so you will definitely find something within your budget that complements your style. For example the pair of Nine West heels I wore above? I just saw them retailing in stores a couple of months ago at $175 and it is only going at $79.00 at the Nine West Outlet and it comes in MY size (my feet wear size 35/36)!

Outfit details:
- CAM_OVAN Dress, $107.80 (UP$154) from Desigual Garage, #01-106
- Lace Bangle, $155, from Furla Outlet, #01-122
- Mad Twis MIN SAT Bag, $499 (UP$645), from Coach Outlet, #01-104/104A
- Shoes, $79 (UP$175), from Nine West Outlet, #01-103

The second outfit I styled for Date Night, something more casual and fun with a pair of extremely comfy heels made for walking!

Luxuries are now made affordable at IMM Outlet Mall and you can dress stylishly without breaking the bank! Expect to see other popular brands such as agnès b, Polo Ralph Lauren, Furla, Coach, Sacoor and more!

Outfit details:
- adidas x Stella McCartney Dress, $111.75 (UP$149), from adidas Outlet, #01-123
- 360.2 Prima Shoes, $69 (UP$139), from adidas Outlet, #01-123
- Core Grip Bag, $25 (UP$49), from PUMA Outlet, #01-22

I decided to do away with the usual sports pairing of a singlet and shorts and chose a pink/red dress from the adidas x Stella McCartney line! It comes with a pair of inner shorts too thus I think this outfit makes it appropriate for all types of sports. We need to look stylish when exercising too, right?!

Outfit details:
- adidas x Stella McCartney Dress, $111.75 (UP$149), from adidas Outlet, #01-123
- 360.2 Prima Shoes, $69 (UP$139), from adidas Outlet, #01-123
- Sky Wedge Surfs Up Shoes, $69 (UP$139), from PUMA Outlet, #01-22
- Dazzle Shopper Bag, $39 (UP$69) from PUMA Outlet, #01-22

I see myself wearing this outfit (comes with sports bra and inner shorts) for a session of tennis because it gives off the fun-loving vibes! Plus a white outfit looks so good with a lime green tennis ball, no? hahahaha!

If you are looking for sporty budget finds, you can head on down to IMM Outlet Mall! I've seen prices as low as $15 for a sports top from brands like adidas, New Balance, PUMA and RoyalSporting House, Converse, and more!

IMM Outlet Mall is Singapore’s largest outlet mall with close to 60 outlet stores offering discounts of up to 80% and more! The discounts are available all year long so you can shop any time and enjoy great savings (you don’t have to wait for the Great Singapore Sale).

IMM is located along 2 Jurong East Street 21, Singapore 609601. For more information on the mall and its full listings of brands available, head on over to their website at Step right in for great value and more, at IMM the Outlet Mall!

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