Guilt-Free Flavoured Sparkling Water from ICE MOUNTAIN

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Don't you think that certain food tastes better with an accompanying cup of carbonated drink? I especially loveeeee my spicy food with a gassy drink BUT the moment right before ordering a carbonated beverage, the angel in me won (because health conscious) and before the devil could stop it, I blurt out "a bottle of water please". I used to down cans of Coke when I was ~younger~ but now that I'm in my late twenties, trying to be healthy is constantly on my mind. Especially since I'm not that active, I try to be more conscious about the food I ingest.

I'm pretty sure there are many of us out there who think the same soooo you'll be happy to know that ICE MOUNTAIN, the number 1 brand for bottled water has just launched a new flavoured sparkling water.

Life saviour! Not only does it come in two flavours - grapefruit and lemon, it is also one of the most affordable sparkling water available, at only $1.20 per bottle in supermarkets.

Personally, I love drinking my sparkling water with a slice of lemon for a hint of zest (and also because lemon + water are good for your body) so obviously the ICE MOUNTAIN lemon flavoured sparkling water is my favourite!

I always keep a few bottles chilled so I can get my craving for gassy drinks satisfied whenever I want it. This is my current favourite guilt-free carbonated drink as there's no need to add ice or anything extra to it and it's still as great tasting.

If you prefer something sweeter, the grapefruit flavoured sparkling water is a good alternative to carbonated soft drinks without any added sugar, colouring or artificial sweeteners. It is infused with a hint of fruity flavour and is definitely more exciting than the usual plain (sparkling) water. This certainly keeps my craving for soft drinks at bay ;)

Have I also mentioned? The ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water in both flavours contain ZERO CALORIES unlike most soft drinks which are high in calories and sugar!

So drink up to your heart's content without worrying about additional weight gain or the health issues that will come with soft drinks!

Feels super good and refreshing to be having it in this humidity!

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