Feeling GOLD with Michael Kors

Saturday, 28 November 2015

“There is nothing sexier than a woman with a beautiful glow after an amazing vacationand nothing complements that glow better than shimmering gold jewelry and a hint of fragrance that feels just as opulent and glamorous.” –Michael Kors

When it comes to fragrances, my favourite smells are undeniably those with florals and soft musks. I love smelling light and fresh, like the whiff you get during spring time in Europe when flowers line the streets.

If I am heading for a special occasion such as a wedding or an important function, I prefer to spritz on something classic, stronger and of course, womanly. Just like my clothes, there are special fragrances meant for certain events. I never walk out of the door without a fragrance as it acts as a finishing touch, as important as my accessories, and it is these little details that someone notices and remembers.

Here, Michael Kors shares with us the Golden Rules before going out!

Nothing is more alluring than the rich indulgences of Gold. It is the colour of luxury and glamour and definitely one of my favourite colours to wear.

Opulent, luxe, glamourous and bold are some of the vocabulary I would use to describe Michael Kors' latest fragrance collection, the Gold Collection. Gold is one of Michael Kors' signatures and there truly isn't another colour that reflects glamourous more convincingly. This Fall '15 collection consists of the White Luminous Gold (sparkling and sensuous), Radiant Rose Gold (tantalising and hypnotic) and 24K Brilliant Gold (feminine and seductive).

For a casual day out or when I'm feeling playful, I would choose to match my mood with the White Luminous Gold. With its light mix of pear, jasmine and amber, the smell is crisp and fresh. I don't see why wouldn't anyone like it. 

For an important event or a wedding dinner, I would reach for the 24K Brilliant Gold. The creamy notes of wood with the fresh florals are both womanly and glamourous. After a few sprays, I'd instantly feel more confident to put my best face forward.

And my favourite out of the three is the Rose Radiant Gold. I was naturally attracted to it because of the enticing notes of rich florals and soft musks. It smells romantic and classic, which makes it the perfect finishing touch for a date night or an evening out with girlfriends. With bold red lips, no less.

It is possible to have a little glamour in your daily life and there is a scent for every mood, occasion and personal aesthetic. This collection shows us just that. 

All Michael Kors' Gold Collection fragrances are available at Michael Kors' stores, Tangs Orchard, Tangs VivoCity, Robinsons Raffles City, Robinsons JEM, Robinsons The Heeren, Takashimaya & SaSa outlets.

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