20 Random Facts About Me

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

1) I drank soy bean milk when I was a baby cause I couldn't drink regular milk.

2) I still don't drink milk neither am I a fan of dairy products.

3) Both my parents are Cantonese which makes me a full Cantonese but I'm terribly bad at speaking the dialect.

4) My husband is from Nanning, Guangxi which makes him a Cantonese too.

5) I come from a pretty huge family - I've an elder brother and 2 younger sisters.

6) My first full-time job was with Singapore Airlines where I flew for 5.5 years. I still miss it sometimes.

7) Being in an all-girls secondary school was one of the best times of my life so if I have a daughter in future, I would want her to experience what I went through.

8) I used to have extremely crooked teeth and was conscious about smiling with teeth. Even after braces, I still smiled without showing my teeth cause I don't know how to do otherwise.

9) I have been underweight my whole life and I weighed less than 20kg in lower primary. So I hated it when teachers shouted the numbers after weight taking for the class monitor to jot down.

10) I am nocturnal. As the night grows darker, I feel more awake haha. When I was working 9-6 for a short period of time, I just couldn't get myself to sleep before 1am!

11) My favourite city is Paris and my favourite countries are Japan and Iceland.

12) I still don't know how to use a hair curler.

13) My favourite food is potato - I like it boiled, mashed, fried, baked, whatever. As long as it's potato, I love it.

14) I took my first plane ride when I was 18, about 2 years before I joined SQ, and it was with my ex-boyfriend.

15) I don't lose things. I've never misplaced a phone or ezlink card.

16) But I'm actually a very messy person. I'm not organized or tidy and I am okay with living in a pig sty hahaha.

17) I really hate entering a wet toilet that's why we have two floor mats in our bathroom.

18) I've never had a pet and my nose was sensitive to animals' fur. So no interaction = I'm quite afraid of animals. Only in recent years did I become more accepting of dogs.

19) I'm not a strong swimmer and once had a near drowning experience so I feel uncomfortable being in waters where my feet can't feel the ground, even if I might be wearing a life jacket.

20) My parents never bought us Barbie dolls but we did get other girly toys (and Lego) so till now, I don't get the deal about Barbie dolls.

It's actually not easy coming up with 20 facts even though I've lived for 20 over years. Well, it was fun though 'cause I've a really bad memory so putting together this entry really forced me to work my brain. Self-reminder for the 200th time: I should go get some supplements for my failing memory lol.

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