Cocotte and Marmalade Pantry

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

After many failed attempts, Bianca and I finally met up for lunch.
I chose Cocotte located in Wanderlust Hotel (Little India) 'cause it serves French food in a simple and cosy setting with a rustic design. Plus it's communal so we can share the food!
Apparently they're famous for their Pork Collar, Poulet Roti and Escargots but Bibi and I decided to settle for the lunch set ($29++) and ordered an extra side of the escargots.

 Even their napkins are so pretty!

Rosette: Slices of salty cured pork sausage

Escargot Gorgeres
I didn't like it 'cause it's too cheesy for me (not a fan of cheese).
Still prefer escargots in garlic butter sauce hmmmm!

Fresh Pear & Bleu D' Auvergne
I asked to have the blue cheese on the side. 
Salad was very good with the hazelnuts!   

Homemade Duck Confit
Crispy skin but not the best duck confit I've eaten.

Pan Seared Chicken with Pine Nut, Mushroom & Port Cream
Sauce was also good.

Creme Brûlée
Bad rendition of creme brûlée.
Caramel topping was too burnt and the custard wasn't smooth like how creme brûlée are supposed to be.

Chocolate Mousse
I don't like mousse on its own but this was surprisingly nice!
Very rich chocolate, I like.
Probably 'cause it's made with Valrhona chocolate ;)

 Here's us very stuffed after lunch!

 On one of the walls in the hotel.

Verdict: I'm not sure if I'll go back to Cocotte again but if I ever do, 
I'll definitely order entirely different dishes.

 Dinner with H at The Marmalade Pantry after work.

Seared Scallop Linguini with Tiger Prawn Bisque

Truffled Field Mushroom Risotto
So tasty, so fragrant, so, so good!!
Every mouthful was lovely 'cause they're pretty generous with the mushrooms.
I could be biased 'cause I loveeeee mushrooms.
Then again, even H agreed it was good ;)

Chocolate banana cake with peanut butter frosting takeaway for breakfast the next day with my favourite milk tea from Japan.

Some recent outfits!
 Touches of neon

 (pssssst look at my super cute cupcake ear cap!!)

Closet of Faith sent me two lovely dresses just in time for the year end parties! 

Little black dresses never go wrong with pearls, carry a dinner clutch and you're ready to go! :)

I love how the pleats and frills hug at the right places to bring out the womanly curves and did I mention the material's awesome?

It's so easy to look classy.
Get your Classic Frills Little Black Dress over here today!

Lunar New Year is just a month away.
Start shopping early to save the embarrassment of wearing the same dress as your cousin or.. *gasp* aunty!

This cute pleated bright orange dress from Closet of Faith will guarantee you bigger ang pows from your grandparents :)
Or pin a flower on your hair and go on a casual date with your boyfriend!

If orange is not your colour, there's also blue and green!
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Will be back with updates on my Shanghai trip in the next entry! :)


  1. I am drooling from your food photos!

    Have a great Holiday!

  2. May i know where you buy the cupcake plug??

  3. Hello! Just wondering if you do advertorials for blogshop?

  4. Hello, may I ask what camera did you used for the food photos? LX3? Thanks (:

  5. Christine: Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you too!

    anon: Shanghai! But it's everywhere in SG too.

    anon: Emailed you :)

    anon: It's pretty unbelievable but all the food photos in this post were taken with an iPhone 4S!

  6. Hey babe the bright orange dress look awesome! Can I know what size u wearing?:)