Secret Garden

Saturday, 17 December 2011

I'm thankful for so many things that Singapore has that I've often taken for granted. One very important fine example is the clean toilets we have that don't require me to hold my breath 20metres away from the entrance. Something as simple as this was made significant in Shanghai.

I'll probably Never move to China...Unless social networking websites are no longer banned, the country is more developed, and I can actually understand the rationale behind the people's behaviour.

Updates soon!

Meanwhile, this is our song in Shanghai... Hearing it now brings back memories :')
It was playing when we were walking down Nanjing Road (East to West, we almost died) on a quiet evening, when it was freezing cold.

LeAnn Rimes - Some Say Love/The Rose


  1. Hi Jessica! Thanks for your reply on winter wear in Shanghai, looking forward to visit. Nice pictures by the way :D

  2. Hi jessica! Mind sharing what u wore to ur sia interview? muz it be a formal formal kinda or a dress is fine. Thanks babe, looking gorgeous as always!

  3. Lisa: have fun!!

    anon: haha i treated it as just another interview and wore a blouse + pencil skirt. a dress is fine as well as long as the length's appropriate!

  4. Hi Jessica!

    I am heading to Shanghai soon! Would like to enquire what did you wear for your bottoms? Only leggings? Do advise, thanks :)

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  6. i wore jeggings on its own and leggings with thermal underneath haha have fun!!