City of Love and Sin

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I was exhausted by the time we touched down and fell asleep the moment I got on the bus. The next moment, almost an hour later, I was awaken by the long bus journey, wondering why hadn't we arrived at the hotel yet. The first sight that greeted me when I opened my eyes was the the typical low-rise European buildings and we were traveling through a neighbourhood. Shops were still closed and Parisians were all wrapped up doing their daily morning routine - going to work, waiting for bus, walking dogs, running for the metro... Then I pondered about living in this city, about how one of my colleagues who should've been reunited with her husband in Paris now, how is she doing. I remembered all the beautiful and fun times I had in the City of Love with some of the best company. I remember every single Paris flight I did and all the memories created. And there, I fell in love with Paris once again.

It's been a year since I visited Paris and it still remains a special place in my heart.

But this trip, it was mainly shopping 'cause it's been so long I last bought a bag!!! :)

 Tourists love Galeries Lafayette and that's why I'll not go there again.
Everything is out of stock!
Go to the boutiques at Ave Montaigne or St Honore - they have EVERYTHING!

Chanel's first boutique at Rue Cambon
There are 3 Chanel boutiques within walking distance around this area (all with stocks!) 
but only at the first boutique, the packaging is in white - white boxes and white paper bags!
The only one in the world so if you're getting your first Chanel, 
getting it here makes it extra memorable! :)

Only my favourite flavours are worth the calories!
Rose, Pistachio, Praline
Oh yes, this trip I tried Pierre Herme, which is also famous for their macaroons 
and I must say, Laduree is still the best in Paris!
Pierre Herme's macaroons are soft whereas Laduree's harder and crispier, which I prefer.

And now, what we've all been waiting for - my buys!!! ;)

 Another pair to add to my collection :)
€130 before VAT refund

 I've been wanting a pair of red Ferragamos and this pair was perfect!
And the second best thing was - it's on sale!!
€238 before VAT refund

First saw it in November and I've been searching all over the world for it!
The SA at the boutique was so nice, he brought out ALL the colours for me to choose 
but electric blue was love at first sight for me!
€1200 before VAT refund

And after buying all these, I went back to Rue Cambon and held this baby for half an hour 
thinking if I should get it too.
I couldn't do it.
I couldn't spend such an obscene amount of money on just material goods.
After another price hike, this medium flap costs a crazy €3100.
I can buy 2.5 bags with that amount.
I still remember my jumbo from 3 years ago was only €1870.


  1. Hey!

    Care to share where you go to for facials? Your skin looks so flawless! Mind emailing me the details? 😃 Thnx dear!!

  2. love the celine trapeze! how much was it after VAT refund if you don't mind sharing?
    and also do you find the bag heavy? is it lighter compared to the luggage tote? thanks!!

    1. VAT refund was €144.
      i've never really liked the luggage tote (except the nano) so i didn't compare.
      but i tend to put a lot of things in the trapeze to fill up the space so it tends to get heavy if i carry it throughout the day.

  3. hi love the celine trapeze. may i know where in paris u got it from? the boutique at ave montaigne? thanks alot :)

  4. Hi where you got your polka dots leggings from? Thanks

  5. hi,
    wish to know where you go for facial too. do you mind sending me the details?
    hope to hear from you soon. thanks. :)

  6. babe do you all do flights to Spain? barcelona or madrid?

  7. What airline are you? I envy you soooooooo much! ): Its been my dream since young to be an air stewardess too.

  8. Hello may I know what is the item name and code of the earrings? Thanks :)

    1. I don't have the item name or code 'cause the SA removed everything.
      But I saw the bigger version of it in stores lately!

  9. Hello, may I know which size did you get for your Celine? Gorgeous color, by the way!,