The second mouse gets the cheese

Monday, 6 February 2012

I know I've been missing in action!
Been terribly busy and don't even have time to switch on my laptop the past 2 weeks.
Finally have time for a breather now :)

I just got back from Seoul and OMGGGGGG it was an insane -17 degree celsius on the 2 days I was there! I'm usually cool with -20dc climate (Moscow) since I don't step out of the hotel but I was in Seoul! I had to go out and I had to meet Sau! The helpful concierge had to chirp in saying those were the coldest days in the last hundred years. Thanks!

Soooo good to be back in the +ve degree celsius now and loving my summer clothes!

That's all for CNY! haha

 After too many car rides...

About car rides... A bloody huge cockroach suddenly appeared by my side 
when I was in H's car earlier today!!!
I went "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!!!!" and crawled to the back seat!
Apparently H said he killed it and wanted to enter the expressway but its body was nowhere to be found and I cannot bear the thought of being in the same space as that creepy crawly for a 30 minute journey so I forced him to make a detour!
All along there were baby roaches then we put panda leaves but now a huge one??!?!??!!!!
Scared the shit out of me!!!

Moving on,
Us before mahjong at Debra's

Mahjong on another occasion.
Totally making it a regular affair!

Because I was practically away the entire festive season, this was my first and only louhei

Liau was so sweet - she baked a cake for Debra's birthday and so we blew candles in advance!

Some outfit posts!
Went overboard with bold colours 

What I wore in San Francisco

My new dress in lovely spring colours!

Regretted not getting the NAKED palette 2 in San Francisco
so I was hunting all around Seoul for naked/neutral eyeshadow colours
and managed to come up with this!

Light enough for the day, not overwhelming yet obvious enough to be seen.
So happy to have found my colours!
Inspired by Yoon Eun Hye in My Fair Lady (Korean drama) haha!


  1. hello! i have been following your blog for the longest time, love all your outfit posts :D could you do a makeup post next time? i love how fresh you look all the time!

    1. because pictures were taken right after makeup was on! haha i'll do a makeup post one day!
      thanks for the love, Vanessa! :)

  2. Where's the new dress in green & white stripes from? Nice!

  3. loving your outfits and how you accessorize them! perhaps you can sorta play around with different hairstyles as well to suit the outfits? just a thought :)

    P/S: may i know which foundation you are using? i remember it being chanel but they have like several types so i just wanted to make sure. thanks!:)

    1. i'm bad with hair 'cause i dislike my ears and don't like them exposed hahaha
      i'm using mat lumiere extreme, the 2-way cake :)

  4. O.O What kind of mahjong do you all play? Not the Singapore style?

    1. is there a kind?? i guess the international kind? haha! debra and my families play the same way too!
      we were just talking about you the other day, join us next time? :)

    2. Yep! There's like Hong Kong style etc. Looks different from the kind my family plays. Haha.

      Sure! Havent seen you since the last last time XH came back SG? Haha.

  5. hey jess! :)i rmb you have oily skin. hw do you curb it ? :)

    1. i never had oily skin, probably just an oily nose.
      i'll wipe off the oil with a tissue then powder my nose again!

  6. what size do u wear for lb rowlins romper? what's ur ptp? thanks :)

  7. where did u get the hot pink dress? :)

  8. you are so pretty! love all your buys! :)

  9. May I know where you got the hot pink dress too?

  10. hi! love what you wore in San Francisco! Mind sharing where u got the outfit? Esp the jacket and boots? :)

    1. thank you :)
      jacket is from h&m and boots from amsterdam 3 years ago.

  11. hey!! lovely outfit for SF. just wanna know what size do you wear for the h&m coat and what did you wear underneath that? i'm heading overseas (somewhere cold~~) but i'm not too sure what to wear underneath the coat :/

    1. i think it was a size 34.
      san fran wasn't too cold...around 15dc so i only wore a long-sleeved cotton top underneath the jacket.
      don't think i would ever wear this jacket in subzero climate though!