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Friday, 10 February 2012

I didn't want to spend too much time shopping in San Francisco ('cause I've nothing to buy and I didn't want to make impulse purchases) so I suggested lunch to a few colleagues at Fisherman's Wharf.

Danny brought us for clam chowder!

 I've never had a bowl of clam shower to myself before, 
always a spoonful and decided it was enough 'cause I didn't like it.
But this was so good! 
The sourdough went perfectly with the soup and I was craving for another bowl when I finished!

We strolled around Pier 39 before heading for the second part of our lunch ;)

 That tiny island you see is Alcatraz!

 The sea lions stink.

Our second part to lunch was crabs!

Crab was huge and only US$20 but nothing like our chilli crabs.
Shared among the three of us and we were stuffed!

The most flamboyant car ever spotted in the city!

 Back in Seoul, Saufung brought me to this Korean restaurant in Hongdae 
which sells home cooked kinda food but we arrived too late, 
the restaurant was closing so the food just kept coming and coming... 
We had like 10 courses or something more. 
It was crazy but some of the dishes were yummy!
No pictures though.

As usual, we shifted to a cafe after dinner for desserts!
I was craving strawberry shortcake and there was a cafe just a few doors down selling it!

 Soooo good and not sweet!

A hot chocolate is essential to fight the cold outside

Seoul Tower from my room.
Don't be deceived by the sunshine, it was freezinggggg!

Lunch with my colleagues before shopping in Myeong Dong!
Gosh I miss the saba fish, the starters, the bean paste soup, the BBQ pork and even the rice...

I have a lot of cravings whenever I'm in Seoul haha 
and this time round it was the spicy rice cake with fish cake!
This looks SO YUMMY now that I'm looking at it again.
Sau is really the BEST host ever!
She searches for places to bring me to and satisfies all my cravings!

We each ordered this tasty rice with seaweed as a side 

 This was a drink mixed with South Korean oranges and soju.
A really delightful sweet drink 'cause we couldn't taste the alcohol at all!

I didn't know there was a difference between South Korean oranges and normal oranges 
till I saw it that night.
South Korean oranges have a hump!
(picture from google)

Currently at my 2nd home, London, now and it's snowing!
Normally I hate snow 'cause it wets my hair and the floor's slippery, blahblahblah.
But it's really so pretty, so magical.
And being in zero degree Celsius feels so comfortable after having gone through the -20dc torture in Seoul.


  1. You are making me miss SFO! And I agree the sea lions stinks!

    One day, I will go to Seoul too and eat a lot ;) and shop like crazy!!!

    1. you should! seoul is my favourite! love the language, food, shopping and the girls' sharp noses haha!!

  2. hi,
    happen to pass by your blog nt long ago and enjoying your entries. was wondering if you could do a post on your skincare routine and where you did your facial? have actually comment quite a while ago asking abt your facial place. but probably too many people have ask before and you feel annoy by it so i didn't receive any reply back from you was hoping u could do a post on it so that probably everyone will stop asking. this is just a suggestion if you are uncomfortable with it then just ignore it. hope you have fun flying around. :D

  3. hi! what MAC lipstick do you use? the slightly nude shade..

    1. it says SYRUP AC8, under the lustre range.

  4. Hi Jessica! Is shopping in myeong dong expensive? :) can you recommend some places to shop there? :) thank you so much!!

    1. clothes shopping in seoul isn't exactly cheap as in places like china/bangkok 'cause the clothings are mostly made in korea. prices start from 20,000 KRW (ard 20 USD) for a top/dress even for roadside stalls/in dongdaemun! i've seen bags going for 10,000 KRW in myeong dong, flats from 23,000 KRW, heels from 35,000 KRW (but they're all really pretty!), and cheapest and best shopping must be the skincare/masks! the entire area of myeong dong is great for shopping - just remember to get lost in the alleys! :)

  5. Hi babe,

    Can I check with you if its cheaper to get Chanel from UK or from Paris? Appreciate your advise. Thanks! =)

  6. any recommendations of places to check out in san francisco??

    1. golden gate bridge, union square for shopping, alcatraz, fisherman's wharf, lombard street.

  7. hi! where did you get your jacket that you wore in SF from? really pretty! and I've been trying to find one!