I'll always love Paris.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I flew to Paris three times in August and each time I did different activities with different people. It was always fun! I was in Paris again last week with Tricia - I've known her for years!! Our story involves lots of kissing, a Korean man, getting drunk, clubbing, and almost getting into a fight 4 years ago. Memorable? Yes, very. Sigh, feeling so nostalgic just thinking about the flight we knew each other on. Don't mean to digress but it's her last month of flying and I'm sad to know another friend leaving and that was our last flight together. Funny how we met when I just started flying and we met again when she's leaving ;(

So yes, Paris. I was waiting for my packed dinner when I realised I'll always love Paris. I'll always love the city despite its dirty metro stations, despite how terrible the gipsy/kids are and despite _____ (whatever you think of). Paris holds a very special place in my heart and I've been there with some of the best people whom I'm still friends with so it is an extremely memorable place for me. I'm gonna miss flying to the City of Love on a regular basis.

Didn't mean for this to be a sappy entry. I was gonna post some pictures of the beautiful city. Enjoy! :)

 Loved it but I decided to pass

Got these! HUGE earrings ;)


 That's how they do it!

 awww :')


 hahaha just look at her!!!

 A year my junior in poly!

 Summer in Paris

 Little boy's got a tan! ;)

 Picnic under Eiffel! :)

And the start of timer shots...

After all these shots, a group of gipsy kids attempted to steal from us >:(
I can only say...LUCKILY we were preparing to leave so we already kept everything valuable
except for my colleague's iPhone, where she left it on the mat, beside her thigh.

The bunch of 5-6 kids surrounded us suddenly,
flapping metro maps trying to divert our attention...
I thought they were definitely up to no good 'cause they weren't talking or asking us for money, etc.
Then from the corner of my eye, I saw this boy about five, squatting down beside C,
using a map to shield the iPhone he was about to pocket!
I warned C in time and she caught hold of his hand.
C hit his hand numerous times forcing him to let go which he refused
while another kid towering behind her was hitting her head, asking HER to let go.
Over on my end, this big girl was flapping the map in my face for foiling their plan.
When they FINALLY gave up,
they did their round in the park looking for other easy targets
but their plan failed so they came back to our group.
One gave me a hard slap on my head as they were leaving!!!
When C hit her back, another kid slapped her head too!!

That incident kinda dampened our otherwise perfect day >:(
Just be careful the next time you're in Paris.
Don't be an easy target!

 Very serious business going on here.

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