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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

 Pretty roses for me when I woke up on the morning of my birthday :)

2.5 months late but Finally! 
My birthday post where I was Queen for the day!

H brought me to Joel Robouchon, a 3-star Michelin restaurant for lunch.

Very personal and attentive service. 
The waiter took time to explain the dishes to us each time 
he served us a course which was thumbs up so we know exactly what we were eating 
right down to the tiniest detail.

 Very elegant interior!

 Pretty diamantes dressed our dining table

Amuse bouche,
Tasted like tomato mixed with berries
Even the almond on the spoon was yummy I couldn't believe it!!

 H had the poultry and duck liver galantine which I wasn't too keen on

 My entree - sautéed squid with edamame, edamame puree, squid ink 
and I cannot remember what's that yellow string thing at the top.
Every. Single. Component. That makes up this dish was SO GOOD 
I can still vividly remember the taste!

For fish, H had the dory

 And I had the pan fried isaki!

 My accompanying eggplant

 And for meat, I had the quail!
If I remember right, that's duck liver pate on toast.
*thumbs up!*

 H's grilled wagyu beef
I quote, 
"The best I've ever eaten," and 
"It literally melts in your mouth."

 Pre-dessert to clean our palate

H's fresh mango and yogurt smooth cream

And my Orizaba chocolate dome with coffee mousse.
Can I just say this was sooooo delicious????!!!!
Very rich chocolate yet doesn't make you feel sick after a few mouthfuls.
You can taste all the different flavours!

 Coffee dessert!

 The Joel Robuchon building at Ebisu Garden

 What a pretty face with the trimmed brows hahaha

 You know, just posing at my chateau ;)

 Birthday outfit :)

Prince Charming... *love eyes emoticon*

The staff gave me lemon brioche bread as a birthday gift!
As expected, it was niceeee!
So soft and sweet!

Then we were off to do some shopping after lunch at Harajuku till dinner time
'cause that was where our dinner was at!

Birthday dinner was in a cave with an extremely long name!
I found it randomly because this other affordable Michelin restaurant
was fully booked for dinnerthe entire week we were in Tokyo
(and we called a month in advance!!) 
and I wanted kaiseiki style.

 Restaurant entrance
Agaru Sagaru doesn't accept walk-ins and the waiter/chefs speak limited English.
We were lucky H's ex-colleague who's a Japanese helped us make the reservation! :)

 That's the boss on the extreme left
He speaks veryyyy little English but he tried his best explaining every dish to us.
100 points for effort!

Menu was in Japanese so we settled for the 8-course set menu 
which everyone else in the restaurant was having as well.
I didn't know what I was eating but I finished everything.
An adventure for the tastebuds ;)

It was a feast for the eyes sitting by the counter 
watching the chefs work and anticipating our next course!

 A type of eel (forgot the name) with the omgsuperyummy accompanying sauce!!!

 Tamago with some warm salty gravy!
We licked the bowl clean :)

 Fishcake noodles shaped like sushis
Refreshingly different and very good!!

The dish I looked forward to most 'cause I love baked potatoes!!!

 But it was a tad disappointing :(
I don't know if it's because I changed it to fish that altered the entire taste...
But this dish was pretty dry.

 Cannot remember what this was :(
But it was good and the flower can be eaten! haha

 Not the best sushi platter I've eaten and I can never swallow raw chewy squid :(

Tomato sorbet, mousse, jelly and cake!

This set menu was surprisingly affordable (Tokyo's standard) at 4000yen (~$64) per person 
and I would recommend it to anyone who has never tried kaiseiki style Japanese dinner.
The chef mentioned that they change their set menu every month
so you probably wouldn't get to try what we had in July!

But of course, it can't be compared to the amazingggg lunch we had earlier ;)
To more Michelin meals!

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