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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Just got back from Bangkok on Sunday and omggggg I miss Platinum Mall already! Can't wait for the next BKK shopping trip!! ;)

H and I almost missed our flight home because after we checked in, we went a level down to eat and to buy some mango sticky rice home. 
We finally left the restaurant at 5.30pm (our flight was at 6pm) and strolled to immigration hahaha. 
I thought something was amiss when I realised NOBODY was holding Tiger Airway's boarding pass but I didn't want to mention it 'cause H is naturally panicky and a total worrywart hahahaha! 
And I'm a natural procrastinator and think we should take it easy. 
(Go figure how we remain cohesive.)
When we FINALLY got through immigrations at 5.45pm, a ground staff was holding the Tiger Airway's sign saying LAST CALL and she made us run! 
I almost died and wanted to stop running because I KNEW they'll hold the door for us now that they've located us but the ground staff wasn't ready to give up. 
She was running AHEAD of us, waaaay more kan chiong than we were hahahaha 10/10 for effort! 
I wanted to stop and laugh 'cause the sight was so comical - just imagine her legs bent, panting, one hand on her thigh, the other hand pointing ahead telling us, 
"You've one minute!", 
"No, no, no, the gate is straight ahead, downstairs!!" 

Obviously H wasn't impressed.
But that's another first between us ;)

Anyway, I've been trying quite a number of new products lately and these two whitening/brightening products REALLY work on me!

NIVEA Whitening Cell Repair & UV Protect
(Mine is 50x Vitamin C)
I have tried a lot of whitening moisturiser and I never saw any effect till I started on this.
I was never really the white kinda fair though I always wish I could be.
But recently, I realised I do indeed look fairer!!!
Since I don't use any sunscreen for my body, it can only be because of this! :))))
Let's hope I reach my ideal white kinda fair one day without using surgical enhancement!

Laneige White Plus Renew Night Cream
Bought tons of Laniege products on my last trip to Seoul and I must say, 
this night cream is thumbs up!
Coupled with a good night's rest, my skin is rosy and glowing when I wake up the next day!
Every girl's dream!
I usually apply the Laneige Firming or Water Sleeping Pack with this for moisture.

And this week, let me introduce you to a new blogshop on the www!

 I brought this cheery top to BKK with me, 
matched it with a pair of floral shorts to make it a happy outfit! :)

I wore it to Chatuchak Market and let me tell you a secret...
I didn't perspire at all.
We all know how stuffy and crowded and frustrating JJ Market is 
so it was quite an achievement I didn't have a bead of sweat at all 
thanks to the the light material of this Knot Top!

 Next up, there's the Flutter Dress!
Square necklines look so sexy to me I don't know why! 
This looks great cinched with a belt,

Or leave it flowy for those fat days.
(you know what i mean.)
Do note that this dress is reversible and can be worn both ways! :)

And now, the part we love most!
Great deals!

Get $1.00 off total purchase with EMMA SAYS 
when you quote 'tippytapp' under "coupon" during checkout!

Follow them on for the latest promotions & giveaways!
Lastly, follow them on Twitter ; @emmasaysshop for the latest updates!

Go on, use your discount now at EMMA SAYS! :)

...while I get lost in my world of Ana and Christian.
At the last few chapters of the last book now I must finish it tonight!

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