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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

How's everyone doing?
I'm currently in LA and can't wait to fly back to Tokyo already!
Need some Ichiran ramen which I've been craving for two weeks prior to this trip!
It's honestly the BEST ramen in the world omgggg I miss!!
And I'm also on the hunt for something vintage! ;) hehehe excited!!

I've been pretty lucky lately and I'm really thankful to whoever who's been watching over me! :')
May more good things come my way, thank you :))))))))

Anyway, I changed my ENTIRE November roster
just so I can be around for my nephew's baby shower.
I kinda realise I don't want to miss any more of life's events 
just to earn that few hundred bucks more...
because some, or rather ALL things only happen once and I want to be there to witness them.
Like my friends' weddings.
Four upcoming weddings and I really hope to attend every single one of them.
Please bless me with luck to get weekends off! *palms together*

Anyhooooo, remember this picture I shared on my instagram at Shaw Lido? 
I tapped with an NFC enabled phone (Samsung Galaxy S3, Sony Xperia) 
and won myself free movie tickets! 
If you're just as lucky, you get to win IMAX tickets or MovieBites combo too!
Anyone can walk down the red carpet to tap and win!
Simple as that!

Now, what is NFC?
It refers to Near Fields Communication technology 
which is a short-range wireless communication technology 
that transmits data between a mobile device and a reader.
It is not new in our city (think ezlink card!) but we're definitely the first in the world
to have a mobile operator (Starhub), bank (DBS), credit card issuer (Mastercard), 
and local transportation system (Ezlink) 
cooperate in creating a unified service for customers!

And that's what DBS bank came up with!
A virtual credit card on your mobile!

DBS bank, the largest bank in Singapore and Southeast Asia, 
introduced Singapore's first virtual card on a mobile!
They understand the mobile lifestyle today and there's no need for wallet clutter anymore!
An ingenious idea PERFECT for someone like me 
who loves carrying impractically small purses that cannot fit my long wallet, or any wallet at all!

All you have to do is - TAP
Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Currently, there are over 30,000 merchant acceptance points in Singapore,
which include Watsons, Pasta Mania, Shaw Theatres, G2000 and Popeyes!
To make it even more convenient, 
you can also pay for taxi fares using your mobile phone on Comfort & CityCab!
Just, TAP! and go!

What’s more, you can redeem mobile coupons on the go 
by simply attaching the mobile coupon on your phone before you pay 
and redeem the offer instantly and automatically!

Check out this video which tells you more about Singapore's FIRST virtual credit card!

Sign up for DBS one.tap here!

More good stuff to intro you girls!
The lovely Esther from Hers Sincerely sent me two items which I absolutely love!

(I'm too shy to ask people to help me take outfit shots so we're back to mirror shots hahaha.)

First up, there's the pleather peplum jacket which kept me warm (and cool) in Tokyo!
Peplum's all the trend now and I think most girls look good in this cut!

The cutting of this lace overlay peplum top is a dream come true!
It gives the illusion of a small waist with the bottom flare and it's so easy to match!
From the top of my head, I can match it with pencil skirts, shorts, skinny jeans, 
or even tuck it in with a full skirt :)
Get yours today here from Hers Sincerely
with 10% OFF when you quote 'jessicahs'!

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