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Saturday, 10 November 2012

H and I were in Bangkok on the last weekend of September and it was such a good break being away from Singapore. Initially, it was a tough decision choosing between relaxing in Bali or shopping & eating in Bangkok... THEN, toooooo many people were tempting me with all the buys they got from BKK so a decision was made, and no one else (i.e. H) could change it.

 Got my Zara pants in Barcelona at 1/2 the price of what they're selling in Singapore!!

I have to admit, the traffic in BKK is getting from bad to worst.
More on that later but anyway, we took the new sky train from the airport to our hotel!
Pretty convenient.

And then it was off to Platinum Mall for food and shopping!

 SUPER pretty cover I got there!
Anyway, I've got SIMILAR iPhone 4 casings like this coming up on my online boutique!
Equally pretty if not PRETTIER!
Wait for it okay? :)

 Our favourite Mango Tango after shopping at Siam's night market!

Lunch at Chatuchak market
 Fried sesame chicken

 Spring rolls with pork

 Tomyum soup was spicy and good!

 Basil pork salad I think.
Pretty good too!

I don't know what's the name of this food stall but if it helps, that's the stall's banner behind H.
It's located at the vintage corner of the market, near one of the entrances.

Love my bunny ears!!

 If I own a car, it would probably look something like this.

It was a Saturday evening, and we decided to go to Chinatown at peak hour for dinner.
It was hard to get a cab and we were rejected so many times by taxi drivers
when we said we wanted to go to Chinatown >:(
For a good reason too because the traffic jam was SO HORRIBLE!
It took us double the time to get there with the jam, crawling would've been faster.

 But anyhow, first stop, Nam Sing for cheap bird's nest and shark fin soup!

 We also ordered a plate of hor fun which was pretty nice too.

I was already 80% full by then but we still made our way a couple of stalls down
for seafood at T&K Seafood.

The place was full but thankfully we weren't famished!
Waiting time was around 25 minutes, I think?

And that kinda summed up our short trip.

We went back the next day for more shopping at Platinum Mall
before almost missing our flight home hahaha.

Have you realised shopping in BKK isn't really as cheap as before anymore?
This lady quoted me 300baht for a pair of shorts
but quoted 220baht for a DRESS to a man who asked for the price in Thai
then translated it to English to his friend.

Yes, shopping is definitely still cheaper but gone were the good old days.
I don't think they're as friendly to Singaporeans too >:(
Luckily there's still good shopping back at home with ChaceyLove (!
Here are the two pretty items they sent me!

Choose to dress up for work or dress down for shopping
with this Zara-inspired puffed sleeve blouse!

And this is what I'm wearing TODAY in Tokyo!
Love this skirt which brightens up my outfit instantly!
It looks even more fabulous when your top is tucked into the full skirt ;)

I hope it's as beautiful a day in Singapore for you as it is in Tokyo for me.
Going out now, enjoy your day and don't forget to shop at
ChaceyLove (!

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