Vintage Chanel shopping!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Recently, I got reallyyyyy interested in vintage Chanel!
With all the classic Chanels dotting the streets nowadays, 
I want to own something that hardly anyone else is carrying.
Tokyo is one of the best places to get vintage designer goods
because nobody sells pirated goods here, unlike in China/Bangkok/Indonesia/etc.
So I started doing research on how to differentiate a real from a fake.
There are a few important pointers and if you check them all on your list - 
congrats, you've got the real deal!

This is what I got in Tokyo! 

Firstly, you've to check the exterior and interior of the bag.
That includes the stitchings and the feel of the leather.
The bag might have some imperfections and it really depends on whether you mind.
For me, a bag that is stained is a no-no for me.
I don't mind having scratches on the logo or the back or base of the bag, 
but definitely not on the front.
I'm very lucky this bag is in PERFECT condition on the exterior, 
and it is obviously very lightly used!

Next, the CC logo.
For an authentic Chanel, the top of the right C must overlap the left C 
and the bottom of the left C must overlap the right. 

 You can see in this picture the leather on the strap has some colour transfer 
but that's okay with me 'cause it isn't obvious.

 I loveeeee how the zipper has a hanging ornament!!
So cute!

 That's a hologram sticker attached to the bag at the bottom right corner.
Apparently, for counterfeit goods, the sticker can be easily peeled off.

The hologram sticker's number must match the serial number on the authenticity card AND 
when you google that number, there should be no similar searches.
If there's even ONE related search, the bag is a fake.
(Try googling Chanel bag 7244764)
If you would like to learn more about serial numbers and the hologram sticker,
you can refer to this informative link.
From the number, I can see that my bag was from 1989-1991.
It's almost as old as me!!
And still in such perfect condition!

The authenticity card is in black and gold and it isn't laminated.

I loveeeeee my (old) new bag!!

As we now know, a Chanel bag is definitely an investment.
This bag has been around for over 20 years 
and the leather isn't flaking nor is the bag falling apart anytime soon!
There's no excuses that your other half shouldn't allow you to buy such a good investment anymore!
If they don't believe, show them this post ;p

 And that's all the tips I have today!
Hope you girls learnt something new!

It was a week of wearing Fash Mob's for me!

This embossed blazer was love at first wear for me.
The cutting and fit is perfect and the quality is so good!
I decided to play with textures in an all white outfit!

I love all things leatherette at the moment and this dress is no exception.
The neutral colours allow lots of options for you to accessorise!
See how the model wear it here!

Enjoy shopping for your year-end outfits at Fash Mob! :)


  1. How much is ur vintage chanel babe!

  2. Hi how much did you pay for this vintage?