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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Sometime two weeks ago, H and I finally visited The Cajun King
It has the same concept as The Boiling Crab (TBC) in the USA which I absolutely love!!
We found out at the end of our visit that the restaurant is opened by a pair of brothers 
who used to live in California.
Now we know why the concept is exactly the same!
I went with high hopes and I was so excited, hoping it would taste exactly as TBC 
so I can relish the taste every now and then back home.
Some hits and misses which I'll share as we go on.

Firstly, my outfit of the day!

Menu wise, it was almost the same as TBC but the flavours' selection didn't sound exactly exciting.
We chose the KING's Mix for all our seafood.
We ordered the lobster, prawns and sausages in level 2 spiciness, 
and the clams in level 3 spiciness.

Presentation wise, it was an exact replica of TBC.
I didn't know we were supposed to squeeze the lime and mix it with the salt & pepper.
I used it to get rid of the after-stench on my fingers hahaha

I couldn't decide between the cajun fries and the sweet potato fries and H made the decision in the end.
These sweet potato fries were so good!!
Comparable to the TBC's!
And it came with this...this...cocktail sauce (?) which was so yummy!
Remember to order this!

Our prawns and sausages!
Pretty good!
Fresh prawns and I love the pork sausages!


I recommend giving this newly established restaurant a try 
'cause we don't really have anything like this in Singapore at the moment.
I like the food and all but I'm not a fan of its flavours.
Yes, it is spicy, which I love, 
but the spices used was a little too bitter.
You know, the bitter kinda spiciness?
I didn't like that.
If they could tweak their flavours a little to something less bitter, less spicy and more flavourful, 
then you'll be sure to see me back there again!
Then again, that's just me because H loved everything about it :)

After dinner, we went next door to Wimbly Lu for desserts!
Another place I've always wanted to visit as well.

Loveeee the whimsical design and the server gave us a private table 
allllll the way at the end of the restaurant haha
The restaurant was pretty empty anyway!

whoop whoop so handsome hahahahha!

And our waffle!
It was so good!
Very light and fluffy, made me want another bite again and again.
BUT (there's always a but...) the salted caramel ice-cream needs improvement.
It didn't taste like salted caramel at all...just tasted like... well, ice-cream.
I couldn't force myself to eat it after three mouthfuls so H finished the ice-cream.

Anyhow, I would love to go back on another visit for other desserts which are all pretty affordable!

This week, I received two new items from Blu Sunflower!

First up, a unique twist of the famous Chanel tweed jacket!
It comes in a lovely shade of sweet peach with leather trimmings
which can be girly yet chic at the same time!

Never one too many basic dresses for the wardrobe!
Skater dresses minus yearssss off your age and they are great for accessorising.
This one from Blu Sunflower is of superb jersey quality!

Blu Sunflower also has a huge selection of vintage dresses which you might interest you.
I've found you your next shopping destination this weekend! :)

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