My 14th February

Monday, 11 March 2013

Hello guys! I don't mean to repeat what I mentioned in my last post but... Here it goes again... SORRY FOR THE MINI HIATUS! I'm still gonna be kinda busy for the next few days but everything should be back to normal next week! I know I haven't been posting as often but to be very, very, VERY honest, I feel extremelyyyyy guilty for neglecting this space! Touch my heart and swear okay. Hahahaha.

Meanwhile, here's My 14th February.

If you've been reading my blog long enough, you would've known I started my flying job (I refuse to call it a career) 5 years ago on this date which coincidentally, fell on Valentine's Day. It is a joyous occasion (okay, to the lovebirds. OR Some lovebirds.) and it was only right that we all embarked on something we loved and wanted so badly on this happy day.

So of course, my batch mates and I met up for lunch!

Firstly, my outfit of the day.

Bustier from a blogshop
Skirt from BKK
Necklace from HK
Bag - Chanel Reissue 227

Lunch was at Brotzeit @ Somerset 313 with the earlier ones.
My second time at Brotzeit and I think Paulaner opposite Suntec 
serves better German pub food.

And then we moved on to our usual haunt...
The Coffee Club at H&M Building.

When I say our usual haunt, I really mean USUAL.
We always, always end up there after our meal for the past 5 years and 
one of us 
own a Coffee Club card because we signed up for it together hahaha.
Too many good times spent there!

Cannot get a decent picture together 
because she refused to put her "big" head side by side with mine!

After that, we split ways to meet our boyfriends/husband/other single friends.

I didn't see the need to spend loads of cash on fancy dining on this day 
so I told H not to get me flowers and to cancel all the reservations he made at expensive restaurants 
(he made a few for me to choose from) 
and in the end, we ended up at Bruno's for pasta!

And he really didn't get me flowers :(
Doesn't he know that girls don't mean what they say???!?!??! 
I gave him hell that night for not getting me flowers. 
Okay la, all forgotten and forgiven, we're still in love hahaha

My king prawns in tomato cream sauce.
My favourite kinda sauce!

H had the scallops in tomato cream sauce.

A different presentation on their apple pie but I liked it.

Food was good but service was extremely ssssllllloooowwww.
We waited at least a good 30-45minutes between courses and it's not funny.
They might be a little short-handed in the kitchen on Vday 
but we waited a LONG TIME to get our credit card back which was not acceptable 
because we were one of their last customers and there were actually quite a few staff around 
(it was already after closing).

So why? 

'Cause someone took our card to the counter for payment, 
left it there, chatted with his colleagues and FORGOT ALL ABOUT IT.
We had to get another staff to check on it.
Too much waiting, pretty unpleasant experience.
But I would go back there again for the food, 
just probably not on weekends/public holidays/special occasions.

What better way to spend My 14th February with my batch mates and the one man I love the most? :')

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