Brow Resurrection

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

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Last month, I had the pleasure of getting my brows done at Browhaus! If you had been following my blog long enough, you would've realised that I had A LOT of eyebrows' problems. For instance, my brows are too dark, I've too much brow hair YET no matter how, I can never get pretty, even eyebrows anddddd my left brow is higher than my right eyebrow.

I know, I just dedicated an entire paragraph to my eyebrows.

But hey, if our eyes are the windows to our souls, then our eyebrows must be the curtains. You wouldn't want to have messy, unevenly hemmed curtains in a colour that doesn't match your interior design, right? Same goes for our eyebrows. A good pair of brows enhances the features on your face, makes you look sharper and you look good already when you wake up in the morning!

Some brow history:

This was probably the best set of eyebrows I've ever had 
before I started trimming/shaving/plucking them myself 
which contributed to the unevenness of my eyebrows eventually.

I'm embarrassed by the state my eyebrows were in some years back.

I don't know how I could've gone out to meet the world with a shapeless pair of eyebrows like these.

This was my brows a month before I did Brow Resurrection.
I was growing out my eyebrows just so I could reshape them professionally!

And I tried to cover the mess with brow mascara and powder.

I'm sorry you had to go through this.

But all hope is not lost because there is Browhaus to the rescue!

I went down to their outlet at Mandarin Gallery 
and after Jeane had briefed me, I was ready to get started!

My brow therapist, Nancy, drew the shape that best suits my face shape 
and after I've confirmed that I love it,
she applied numbing cream on me!
While waiting for it to take effect, I fell asleep haha.

The whole process only took 15 minutes, and the sweet Nancy kept checking on me 
to see if I felt any pain but nope, all was good!

...and then, a PERFECT set of eyebrows was born!

The brows frame my face so well! 

Browhaus uses 100% vegetable dye and top-grade anesthetic,
hence making the treatment completely safe, comfortable and near-painless!
I was so happy when I saw my eyebrows!
It's the perfect shape with that two degree sexy arch!

Nancy and I after the session!

Met my friend for dinner after Brow Resurrection and here's my brows at Day 0:
There was no redness and the pain was very minimal!
My friend's exact words were, 
"I can see strokes of it at the side but aren't those your own brow hair?"
No, they're not!

And that's the amazing point of Brow Resurrection 2.5.

It uses a new special technique which gives more natural-looking, 
lifelike brows that's no different from the real thing!
Hair-like strands are constructed with finer, lighter strokes. 

After one week!

And my eyebrows after 2.5 weeks!

Thanks to Brow Resurrection, 
I only take 5 minutes to make-up before I leave home now! ;)

Limited offer for you:
Quote "JESSICA" to redeem $10 Brow Threading (U.P. $17) and receive a complimentary Brow Design session! Valid for all customers from now till 15 November. Only available at the following outlets - 100 AM, Dempsey, The Cathay, Great World City, Holland Village, Mandarin Gallery, Raffles City Basement and Raffles City Street Level.

Call their call centre at 6471 2769 (BROW) to make an appointment now! ;)

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