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Friday, 18 October 2013


I'm very excited to share with you TIPPYJESS's new collection because firstly, we've engaged a new face, and secondly, I really love all the manufactured items in this collection!!

Okay, so my new model is Chanel!
Meet Chanel!

We met on a work flight to London several months back and we worked in the same galley. The entire time we were chatting during lull period, I was thinking, OMG this girl SUPER pretty!! Huge eyes, long lashes, sweet voice, great personality and perfect figure hahaha! If you're wondering, she's a Singaporean Chinese with Burmese and Eurasian blood, and she's very lovable.

So I was looking for a new face for TIPPYJESS and coincidentally, all the girls I shortlisted were ex-colleagues. Who said SQ has no pretty faces? You just haven't gotten a chance to meet them on your flights yet ;)

Cut the long story short, I decided to engage Chanel :) She's 168cm, UK 6 and wears size S for all our apparel. In comparison, I'm (much) shorter, standing at 161cm, UK 6 and I also wear size S.

Before I move on to the pictures, I just want to let you girls know we've taken your feedback into consideration! Our new dresses have a longer length (32" to 34.5") and we've included sizes (S, M and L)! I hope we can cater to more of you and that everyone gets to own a piece (and more) of TIPPYJESS :)

Now, on to the preview!

Floral Playsuit
(Sizes S and M)
Our motto is accessorise a multicoloured playsuit with even MORE colours ;)
This is so perfect for a weekend of fun!

Crochet Hem Bustier Dress
(Sizes S and M)
Navy and white are one of the most luxurious colour pairing. 
This dress comes in a longer length and we love flouncing around in it!

Teardrop Lace 2-piece Dress
(Sizes S, M and L)
The exquisite lace detail received many compliments from friends 
when I wore the sample piece out!
And it's really, really comfortable on the body.
Lace doesn't cause itchiness and it's very soft!

Open Back Buttoned Dress
(Sizes S, M and L)
We love unique back details and we know you do too!
Soft and comfortable on the skin, this dress can take you from work to play.
And we made sure the bra can't be seen so don't worry you don't have to wear nubra! ;)

Printed Split Back Top
(Sizes S, M and L)
The popping red buttons add a nice touch to the overall feel of the top
 and for ladies who are shy to expose too much skin, this top is for you :)

I hope you like what you see and I'll see you on Sunday, 20th October at 8pm!!
<3 <3 <3

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Have a great weekend guys! :)

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