Friday, 11 October 2013

I must be addicted to cleaning, clearing and throwing. And getting married is an extremely good reason to be doing so since I will be vacating my bedroom for my sister after I move out next year. I have already filled up 3 big black trash bags of expired skincare/beauty products, ALL my diaries (the kind of details I wrote would put Anne Frank to shame), school notes, letters, nonsense, basically my entire life before today was thrown away. I'm clearing books (3 for $5 if you're keen let me know!) and clothes (flea in Nov - $8 and below, come!). 

It's crazy how much stuff I've accumulated after 5 years of flying and it's all throwthrowthrow or givegivegive now. You all will stand to gain, wait for it! ;) 

So yah, I decided to clear pictures in my iPhoto library as well (cleaning is an addiction) and I realised I haven't posted these set of photos I really liked! I think it was in the toilet in Dubai's hotel room and the lighting was perfect - no shadows though a little orangey.

Super good hump day!

 And the light gave me flawless, poreless complexion!

And nope, I don't miss flying at all.

Greys-Online sent me two lovely pieces which I'm sure many of you will love too!

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I received lots of compliments when I wore the Go Bold Floral Dress out last weekend!
And it's not hard to guess why ;)
The vibrant hues attracted me right away and I was like 
a colourful butterfly fluttering around the entire day.
which was very well-received when I posted it on Instagram! :)

I know what you're thinking - skater skirt and so short
butttt it's actually layered with a pair of shorts underneath!
The prints and cutting spell p e r f e c t for a casual day out! 

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  1. I am interested in your books! How can I buy 'em?

    1. I will put them up on shoptippytapp probably sometime next week! :)

  2. May I know where did u get ur pearl earrings? Because they look really glowy.