The Little Black Jacket Exhibition

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Visited The Little Black Jacket exhibition located at the Art Science Museum over the week with Jasmine because she is a Chanel lover like myself. Come to think of it, we have wayyyy too many common interests. Right down to the preference of the thickness of salmon sashimi.

So we had lunch at Chikuwa Tei before the exhibition and when we were discussing what to order, she mentioned about ordering 2 sets of salmon sashimi. I told her, "One set is enough because the slices are too thick and I didn't really like it."

True enough, she liked it as much as I did because they were sliced too thick. We are probably the only odd ones who pick on that! Haha.

She is as picky an eater like I am and to quote her, "Jessica will definitely like it because I like it." Yup, we have the same tastebuds but I cannot say the same about her non-existent spicy buds.

Back to the exhibition, I really liked it! It definitely felt like home to me, being in a black and white room with the different hues of grey. The photographs were captured beautifully by the man behind Chanel. I love looking at beautiful pictures, beautiful people, and beautiful styling. Wish I could just snap snap and tadah, gorgeous pictures! Or pose1, pose2, and voila!, picture perfect! But those will only happen in Level 4 parallel universe.


My favourite photograph was of Carine Roitfeld dressing up as Coco Chanel.

I'm going through a tulle stage now!

Diane Kruger looked too gorgeous here 
and the first thing I noticed was her nose. 

Yes, I'm also obsessed with noses at the moment.

And here's my companion looking all chic and mysterious.


Time for fashion updates!
Maxi skirts are always a good idea for me to cover up my malnourished legs. 
I love this flowy piece from Greys-Online which has slits at the sides. 
Gave me an awesome silhouette and I feel like a goddess with the chiffon in the air as I walk.

The apple green is such a refreshing colour! 
Anddddd! The inner piece is actually shorts 
so you don't actually have to worry about it being too windy!

I also wore it like how the people at Greys' styled it - with the Crochet Lace Top!

This crochet top from Greys-Online is a little different from its counterparts 
as it is not fully lined so we get to have a peek of the intricate crochet detailing on the hem!

I love wearing my tops tucked in usually but for this, 
I styled it with a pair of shorts and blazer and it looks equally good to go!
Which look do you prefer? :)

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