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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

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I went back to DRx Clinic for my 2nd review this month (read first visit here) and Dr David Ng said my skin is adapting very well to the products. Great news! Actually I noticed and felt my skin's improvement as well. I may be sponsored but let me tell you, my face feels wayyyyy smoother and softer than before I started using DRx's range of products. Their products are not harsh on the skin and they keep my complexion looking flawless and supple.

(bruised my skin when I forcefully removed my eye makeup after the Femmex show to go out for supper -__-)

Sometimes when I am extremely tired at night after a long day, I just want to jump on my awesome bed and go into deep sleep... And then I remember this overused phrase - "There's no ugly women in the world, only lazy ones." and "POP!" there goes my thought of heading to bed without my night cream. I procrastinate a lot but never when it comes to removing makeup and applying skincare products because 怎么说我也是靠脸吃饭的 hahaha!

So if I am lazy to apply moisturiser/sunscreen, I will choose to stay home. And H will grumble because he has to head out alone to buy packed lunch/dinner for us haha.

Remember this - if you want perfect complexion, don't be lazy. Or be a hermit.

Back to my visit at the DRx Clinic, I am on a couple of month long program with them to look fabulous on my wedding day! I was advised to add a new product to my skincare regime, the Intensive Lightener. According to Dr David, this product is to "prep" my skin for the laser treatment I will be undergoing in the following month. This replaces the Vitamin A Gel step which I was previously using at night (and now, in the day time as an additional step).

I don't have much scars/marks/pigmentation to lighten but I do hope it will give me a more even skin tone!

Promotion for my readers:
DRx Clinic will be waiving off the fees for the 1st 3 consultations for the month of Feb '14 for all of you! Quote "Jessica Tham" when you call to make an appointment! Valid for 1st time customers only.

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Moving on, I tried a new cafe for brunch (or rather late lunch) last weekend and the food was yummy!! Jasmine and I met H at Artistry after an event for a rather late meal (4pm?) and they had ran out of eggs. But that's okay because the other dishes on the menu sound very delicious!! I couldn't decide between the Crab Burger or Duck Confit Pesto so I ordered both for H and I!

BOTH WERE VERYYYYYY GOOD! They were yummy in their own ways but if I had to choose, I would order the crab burger again on my next visit!

I love crab cakes because I don't have to deshell and I get all the yummy meat! The only other crab cake I've tasted was from Spruce and I personally think Artistry's version is better!

I have only taken a liking to pesto pasta recently and this one with shredded duck and pine nuts was flavourful and addictive. I liked it so much!

Jasmine couldn't have her eggs benny so she ordered the waffle with fig & honey ice-cream which, according to her, tasted pretty normal.

The food was great but the coffees, according to the coffee drinkers on my table, were not fantastic. So I guess you can't really have it all? I see myself going back there again soon because it is pretty rare to find a cafe serving food that hits all the right spots.

With some time to pass, all of us took our #OOTD at some alley but I had the most number of shots because I am troublesome like that hahaha!

Lastly, it's finally the time of the year again! Have a wonderful week feasting and gambling guys! Gong xi gong xi!

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